1. pcrecord

    Soundcloud conversion : good or bad ?

    As requested, here is a video testing SoundCloud's conversion quality. Let me know what you think
  2. Student

    Digital Audio Fidelity; Between VST and Render

    Are VSTs within a DAW subject to any distortion while their digital audio is rendered in any way? I know some information of Analog-to-Digital Conversion and while still learning of such, I am also now wondering if there are any distortion matters in a digital-only realm. Conceptually...
  3. TheBigBeatsInc

    Auditronics 501 IME - 2 channels needed to finish - Convert IM to IME?

    So after a year and a half of hard work I am proud to say I am opening up my own studio here in Beacon, NY to start producing my own and other local artists material. I have spent a lot of time on my console and have it currently ready to go at 22 channels - all original IME. I need 2 more to...
  4. JohnTodd

    Convertors or preamps?

    Later this year I'll be looking to upgrade either of those items. Because my needs have changed, I'm only interested in 2-track (or stereo) converters or preamps. I've no need to record a full band all-at-once in a large studio room. The convo/preamp will be used for vocals, acoustic guitars...
  5. pcrecord

    Preamp to BEHRINGER SRC 2496 for AD convertion ? Anyone tried it ?

    I read the BEHRINGER SRC 2496 is surprisingly a good unit for AD conversion even if it's Behringer and at a low price. I doubt it is as good as a Lavry AD converter but how about compared to a used Lucid 2496 AD converter ? For start, I don't like behringer, but at that price.. It makes you...
  6. DonnyThompson

    Hybrid... I'm a convert.

    I had Chris run a 2 mix of an older track I had that I want to include on my solo album. The original sounded, well, for lack of a better term, "empty"... almost as if you could put your hand through "holes" in the sonics, as if there were dead spaces in the sound. I listened to what Chris did...
  7. kmetal

    ADCs, what is important?

    i was talking shop w/ a co-worker about converters, and he was saying that there are only a few chips out there being made, and what your actually ing when you buy better converters is superior clocking. is this true? thanx.
  8. U

    converting to biamp

    I have a set of Grund Audio dual 15" with horn and internal crossover that I want to re-wire to biamp with my external crossover. Can I just run new wires from the speakers straight to jacks or do I need any signal modification? Also should I wire the 15's parallel or series? The whole system...
  9. Shanesaw

    Looking for convertor advise please based on my setup...

    Hi, I recently purchased a Toft ATB 24 console and now should be looking into converters. However i invested a chunk of money into this console already and will probally need to sell items to get converters recomended. Basically i have a Focusrite Sapphire 56 and a Mackie Blackbird (both were...
  10. audiokid

    Clock Jitter Explained

    What is clock jitter in detail?
  11. R

    Converting Zoom MRS-1608 .dat files to .wav

    Hi all. A few months ago I recorded some tracks at a friends house on his Zoom MRS-1608. We went back and listened to them and they sounded pretty good, so I wanted to export them to my system for editing and to record new vocals. I know that there is an optional USB hookup on the Zoom, but my...
  12. T

    8+ ADAT convertors

    I'm looking for a 8 (or more) channel ADAT converter to link to a motu 828mk3. Budget is about 600 dollar/euro. Fact is that it has to have a DA converter as well, which is not common anymore.
  13. F

    Converting unbalanced to balanced signals.

    I've been making music on synths, drum machines, bucketts and my computer for about 15 yrs now yet I've got no formal training. I realize that for long cable runs, it’s best to use balanced cables to reduce noise and grounding problems. What about cable runs (15 to 25 ft) to gear with unbalanced...
  14. L

    Converting MIDI to Audio

    Hey yall, I'm using sonar LE here and I'm trying to convert my MIDI tracks to audio. I have tried a bunch of different soft synths, I can get them to play fine and when I record the midi data they play back fine. When I try to convert them to audio it gives me the error "the specified selection...
  15. K

    converting 48 to 44 clippings

    i recently discovered strange issue, i am not sure if it's common or only wavelab or just my configuration. when i render a 48 kHz to 44.1 kHz file, the resulting file is like 0.05 dB louder than the original, this is causing all kind of unwanted clippings in the end file, how can i solve...
  16. F

    AKG Perception 100: Convert to USB (how?) or buy a USB mic?

    Hi What do you think is the best way for me to achieve this for the least additional $$$ outlay? I need to record a female speaking voice for an audio publication, via my PC. The result needs to be really pleasant to listen to for an hour or more, meaning warm, clear vocals with no annoying...
  17. guitarjazzman

    Converting GT Brick to UK voltage

    I have just purchased a Groove Tubes Brick from the US as there is nowhere to buy one from in the UK. I was told that I can switch the voltage to 240v internally but after opening it up cannot find any obvious switches. A search on Google came up with one guy saying that I need to change some...
  18. WaltzMastering

    How to convert 32 bit to 24 bit on a Mac

    I am looking for a way to convert 32 bit (cubase file) to 24 bit on a Mac P.s I don't have cubase. Does Audacity do this. What program does? TW
  19. UUUnicorn

    Please, is there a way to convert music files...

    from Digital Performer 3.11 for the Mac to Adobe Audition 2.1 for the PC? Thank you. UUUnicorn
  20. T

    Converting AIFF files to WAV?

    Hi everyone, My bandmates and I have just finished the first mixdown of nine recordings and would like to place them all onto a cd in order to listen to them on other systems and judge what needs to be fine-tuned or blended better, etc. The problem is that we recorded six tracks using...