1. pcrecord

    Magix CoreFx suite : Two point compressor

    Hi gang, Yet another video on Magix CoreFx Suite.. I'm getting through all the plugins slowly.. Doing those videos force me to learn the plugin better. I just hope I'm not annoying some of you with my posts.. Anyway something interesting in this one.. Tell me what you think !
  2. pcrecord

    MAgix CoreFX : delay !

    Hi, In this video I go deeper into Magix CoreFx delay plugin. Let me know what you think !
  3. pcrecord

    Magix CoreFX - Chorus and Flanger

    Hi, This is the first video that will cover, in deep, the effects included in Magix CoreFX. If you have questions or tests you would like me to do, feel free to ask !
  4. pcrecord

    My first look at Magix CoreFX

    Hi gang ! Hope you are all well and ready for the end of the year ! There is so many plugins available, let me know what you think of those and what tests would you want me to do in my next video about them..