1. L

    Please review my mix (Bohemian Rhapsody)

    Hey, I covered this classic rock song that fascinated me when I was younger with its brilliant vocals. Of course I am no Freddy Mercury and this is by no means an attempt to match the original, I did it for fun and because I learn a lot about production and mixing by trying to reproduce famous...
  2. CrazyLuke

    Here's a Metal Version of Play with Fire, please crit.

    Here's a Metal Version of the Rolling Stones, "Play with Fire." I have made it up-tempo and rockin'. Rumor has it that the original recording was done by Keith Richards on Acoustic, Mick on vox, and to keep time, they found the late-night janitor at the studio to play tambourine. The...

    Cheating On Me COVER

    Hey guys!! This is a cover that I recorded with a good friend. The piano is a patch and I had some trouble mixing it to keep from sounding either fake, or too harsh. I am happy with the vocals in the intro and end, but during the chorus I had trouble keeping everything balanced and distortion...