cubase 10

  1. Travis lee

    Monitoring Delay Cubase 10 Pro (Live Sound) Sucky Components....HELP!

    So I use Cubase 10 pro to livestream our churches services. So the way I have it set up is the board we use (si expression 3) sends signal through usb to cubase 10 on my laptop. It is mixed and then sent to a stereo output back to the board and sent out the board into Boxcast (our streaming...
  2. jamie Lofts

    Cubase 8.5 project in Cubase 10

    I ended up formatting my pc (unrelated and planned) and I decided since I upgraded my Cubase Artist 8.5 to Artist 10 I decided would just install 10 rather than have them both on. I have about 35 projects on 8.5 and they worked perfectly fine even after upgrading to 10 (most likely still opening...