cue mix

  1. JohnTodd

    What to put in the cue mix?

    Hi! In reference to this thread ... ... I'd like to start a thread on what constitutes a good headphone/monitor mix. Let's have some discussion on the practicalities of putting things into the cans, as well as a collection...
  2. audiokid

    (term) Foldback

    "Foldback" is a term used in England to describe the mix that is being sent to the monitor speakers in the control room. However, it can also apply to the headphone mix that is being generated for the musicians. System for feeding one or more separate mixes to the performers for use while...
  3. 3

    ProTools cue mix question

    Hi, I'm new to ProTools (currently using PTHD3 7.4) and I have a question about setting up the cue mixes. Is there a way to quicly recreate my control room mix with the sends? So far I'm doing everything manually fader by fader and it takes lots of time. There should be an option so I could...
  4. T

    Cue Mix-console or no console?

    Hello All, I recently upgraded to protools hd. I don't currently have a mixer, so I am wondering if there is a way that I can set things up where I can use aux sends with the 192 to feed individual cue mixes to the musician (independent of my monitor mix). ART makes an interesting device...
  5. K

    Aux sends feeding the cue mix

    Up to now, I've been communicating with the tracking room via the PHONES socket on my [=""]Behringer Eurorack MX2642A[/] However, I'm aware that some (most?) people cue using the aux sends. But the aux sends on my desk are mono i.e. when I...
  6. G

    Cue mixer (1604vlz) broke, need help quick

    Session starting in a couple hours. But my monitor mixer 1604VLZpro has developed a nasty problem. It's as though there may be a cold solder or dirty connection somewhere across the mix L/R bus. The right channel goes away completely and left is very low in level. But a loud plosive sound though...
  7. D

    Motu 2408 cue mix freakout

    I'm using Nuendo on WinMe. When I put a chnnel into ready record and the channel switches to input the cuemix fader and pan move around by themselves which means I cant use direct monitoring. Anyone else had this problem & how is it fixed. Thanks in advance :confused:
  8. B

    Headphone/Cue mixes w/ multiple sumixes-cards

    Hi Dedric, I am two weeks deep into my new Paris system and am loving the sonic experience. Thanks for your helpful comments and suggestions. As far as the multiple submix structure of Paris, I am still trying to get a handle on it. My first task was learning how to swap card assignements...