1. audiokid

    (term) Fletcher-Munson curves

    The Fletcher-Munson curves are one of many sets of equal-loudness contours for the human ear, determined experimentally by Harvey Fletcher and Wilden A. Munson, and reported in a 1933 paper entitled "Loudness, its definition, measurement and calculation" in the Journal of the Acoustic Society of...
  2. Seedlings

    Your input on the SM57 performance curve

    Ok, since I'm an upfront kind of guy here it is: the SM57 is a practical, handy, inexpensive mic for multi-purpose studio use. Perhaps an industry standard. What's the next step up in practical, handy, but a little more expensive, mics? Those of you who don't like long posts can stop here...
  3. F

    RIAA Curve

    Currently doing a few vinyl transfers for an archival project through a flat preamp... On some of the recordings, I'll need to apply the RIAA curve, but I've had a bit of a difficult time finding exact numbers for it. I know on playback it involves a pretty substantial bass boost and a high...
  4. T

    Learning Curve!

    Hi Everyone! I’m an old school analog guy making the plunge into the digital world and I’d like your opinions on software. I’ve decided to go with an AppleG5 (old tower), either a 2.0 or 2.5 with 2gb (2x1gb sticks). CompUSA have them in stock at good prices and there giving a copy of Tiger...
  5. K

    Finding Compressor gain reduction (transfer) curves ??

    Can you folks tell me how compressor gain reduction curves are generated like this one: In other words there is a calibrated piece of test equipment that generates some type of test signal at various levels (I assume), the...
  6. A


    This is probably a stupid questionbut here goes. Is it normal to drop the mids or boost the highs and lows to compensate for the fletcher munson curve when mastering or mixing for that matter. I notice that my mixes seem to be somewhat boxy across these frequencies. As I bring the volume up it...
  7. F

    Fletcher Munson mic curve??

    I've heard that I can set the Fletcher-Munson curve for my RODE Nt1 microphone to compensate some frequencies (harshness, hi's).. Is it true and does someone know more about this? I've heard that those curves and settings exist for all marks of mic's.. FUNKY
  8. E


    CD, No luck emailing you. Contact me please. (Dead Link Removed)
  9. S

    Ang, Son of.., Curve and others. Jpop-a-lot

    Following an initial crit from Ang and Son of Smawg I have remixed 'Mukai' with their suggestions in mind, in the limited time (and experience) I have. I have also uploaded the second song 'Yo!' to the NEW website. Please give them a listen and let me know what you think. They are both c. 3Mb...