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    Edirol DA-2496 Monitor Issues

    Hey everyone, i'm new to this forum. I've searched my problem and have not found a solution so i'm daring to post. I've got a pretty typical setup of an Edirol DA-2496 Input Board that came with an Edirol PCI Sound Card in the computer. I've been a long time user of Cubase SX, now using...
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    Edirol DA2496 or an M-Audio 2496?

    I've been offered a used Edirol DA2496 for a similar price to a new M-Audio 2496. Am I right in thinking the Edirol would negate the need for my Seck 1282? More importantly, sound quality-wise, how do they compare? Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Edirol DA-2496 Users !! How to insert a compressor?

    One drawback of the Edirol DA-2496 8 in/8 out interface is that it doesn't have effects inserts for things like compressors. Could I take a signal from CH 1 & CH 2, output them via the soft mixer to DA-Out 5-6 route them through a compressor, and then record CH 3 and CH 4 in my DAW? SONAR...
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    Attention Edirol DA-2496 users !! Monitoring question.

    I'm thinking of buying a used Edirol DA-2496 PCI sound card. The newer Edirol Firewire and USB interfaces (UA-1000 and 101, FA-101) have both a software monitoring and 'zero latency' hardware monitoring mix knob. I don't see any such thing on the DA-2496 break-out box. I may be missing...
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    Hi have Edirol DA PCI 2496. Experiencing hiss. Please Help

    Just joined. I am building a small project studio. I have a problem with hiss even when gains are turned all the way down. Is this common with the Edirol DA PCI 2496. How can I stop hiss. Also can anyone reccomend a good budget stereo compressor for recording a motif 6 synth pads, bass and...