1. audiokid

    (term) DAT

    (Digital Audio Tape Recorder) - A stereo cassette deck employing digital technology. Its A/D filter converts an analog input to digital information. Using technology similar that used in video cassette recording, helical scan heads imprint the digital information onto special DAT cassettes.
  2. S

    Transfering DAT to DAW..the best way?

    I have some older 16-bit DAT tracks that I will have to transfer to DAW so I can deliver them to mastering studio...they do not have DAT anymore :( I have Tascam DA-20 mk2 DAT. I can connect it to RME multiface spdif input digitaly and record to Cubase SX. I am pretty much experienced...
  3. K

    Panasonic SV-3700 DAT recorder

    please advice about quality of this unit, i can buy this as recorder for my mixes. i use hardware samplers, analog mixer. i compose/produse electronic music - breaks/dub/ambient/experimental. thanx.
  4. jbeutt

    Panasonic Sv-255 field DAT question

    So I picked up one of these for $25. The tape compenent is fine, it loads, plays, rewinds and does it cleanly and quietly. My problem is that when I go to record, I get a loud screaming noise. It will produce it under any recording condition, even with the recording level at 0. However, it does...