daw control surface

  1. jarjarbinks

    Mix console with DAW control under $4000

    Hello experts, I want to buy a desk with DAW control (for Cubase) and more than 8 preamps. So far, I´ve only found the Focusrite 2802 (too few channels) and the SSL matrix (too expensive). Any other recommendations on the $4000 price range? (yes I´d get a Duality, but first a house maybe XD)
  2. DonnyThompson

    If you were interested in a DAW control surface

    Which would you be looking at? I'm just curious... I've given some thought lately to having an actual surface from which I could work in a more tactile fashion, as opposed to "mousing" every command, particularly when it comes to the mixing end of things. I'm woefully out of touch with what's...
  3. djmukilteo

    DAW Control Surface opinions and comments

    Looking for some experienced comments.... I would like to know anyone's likes/dislikes using control surfaces with Cubase as well as control of VST Plugins for a PC platform... Any preference you have on Firewire or USB protocols.... Some of the units out there I've looked into...
  4. M

    DAW control surface

    Hi I have been looking at the Mackie Control cos I need some way of remote controlling my Mac and PC (not at the same time). I really only need basic control of the transport functions as I often record in a seperate room to the computers (helps with noise) but the Mackie is vastly...