1. J

    dbx 386 Power Transformer

    Hi there! I have a dbx 386 dual channel tube preamp. It was out of service for some time and when I recently put it back in the rack only a couple of LEDs turn on. On inspection it seems that the larger of the two transformers supplying power to the PCB has transformed into a Gandalf No-Pass...
  2. Tony Carpenter

    DBX Quantum - upgrade success!

    So.. after the dramas of trying to install OS 1.50 on my Quantum. Success!. I put up $60.00 for an old IBM Thinkpad off eBay running Windows XP. Note to all the unwary, MIDI interfaces on USB do NOT like virtual versions of windows, no matter how slick they seem to be working. The result of...
  3. F

    DBX 266XL

    How can you tell if theres too much signal going into a DBX 266XL? There doesn't appear to be any input meter like you have on other brands of compressor. Thanks.
  4. M

    dbx 150 connection help pls

    hello i have standard tape deck (not reel to reel) type and wish to record my old cassette tapes and save them on my computer as mp3. that`s simple part i have two dbx 150 units and if possible? like to use one as a encoding machine. from my tape output to one unit and the other is in decode...
  5. A


    Hello All A friend gave me a broken 386 and after going though it and getting it working, I am wondering if it might be wise to add a transformer on the input. I haven't traced it out myself to confirm Bushy's trace of the circuit but it looks like its using a 4580 op amp for the first stage...
  6. kmetal

    Replacement plug for dbx 163x

    hey all, i use the 163x in my bass rig, and when my buddy put my rack in the car's backseat, he closed the door w/ two of the racks' power wires (unknowningly) dangling out. Oblivious to this, i drove home on the highway w/ my head (svt-3pro), and compressor's power cables dragging. The only...
  7. B

    NEED HELP with broken channel on DBX 386.

    I am not experienced in this area, but there are no places within a 2.5 hour drive to take this thing to. If you think you can help, here's what I've already ruled out. Channel 2 is working great. Analog or digital, the inputs are lighting up in the expected way. I have tested all other...
  8. B

    DBX 162 Schematic?

    I can't seem to find a schematic for the original (black face) DBX 162 stereo compressor. Any ideas on where to find one? The dbxpro website (and pretty much all of the other sites that show up via a google search for a dbx 162 schematic) allows me to download a few pages of cursory alignment...
  9. Paul999

    DBX 160a What is it like?

    I have a lot of experience with high end compressors like distressors, manley, 1176's, API etc. I am looking for some utility compression that you can use for "less important duties". For example when I have a dense mix happening and I need to squeeze in a keyboard or some other element I need...
  10. J

    DBX 367 PreAmp with an RCA 12AU7A

    I just bought an RCA 12AU7A tube to replace the one in my DBX 367 which gave up. It doesn't work. No audio being passed or metered. I checked connections. Is this a wrong tube for the DBX367?
  11. audiokid

    DBX 160 SL

    ATTACH1313.vBATTACH Since its inception the 160S has become the mark for which other compressors reach. As the leader in VCA and compressor design and engineering, we at dbx are always seeking to improve our products and give you the best possible compression solutions. With the newly...
  12. M

    Difference between DBX 120A and 120 XP?

    Is there a difference between these 2 and is one better than the other or does it not matter which one I should get?
  13. A

    DBX 160VU

    Anyone fans?
  14. Ripeart

    Which D/A: DBX386 or 828.2?

    Hi all, I hope the is the right place for this question... I have a DBX 386 connecting to a MOTU 828 Mk2 via s/pdif. Am I better off connecting to the 828 with analog cables and thus allowing the 828 to handle the d/a conversion? I've read that the 828 has "very nice" converters however I've...
  15. M

    $3000 to spend AKG414 / DBX - what to upgrade?

    I have $3000 (maybe a little more) that I'm going to use to upgrade my mic or preamp...or both. Considering that I have the following, what would you recommend I upgrade, and to what? KEEP IN MIND THIS IS A MIC THAT WILL BE USED 95% FOR RAP! AKG 414 DBX 286A Basically, how will I see...
  16. B

    dbx 386 schematics/technical knowledge

    Hi all, my dbx 386 has started giving me some horrendous noises on one channel. I've tried switching the tubes between channel 1 and 2, and the same channel still has the problem, so obviously my tubes are fine. Does anyone know where I might get a hold of some schematics so I can track down...
  17. adam79

    DBX 160 vs. DBX 160x

    I'm looking to buy a couple of the DBX 160 compressor/limiter series. I've heard the DBX 160x and the 160a, and found the 160x to be superior. I've never heard the original DBX 160, and was wondering if it is considered the best model of the 160 series, or if the only difference between the 160...
  18. I


    has anyone used this mic for room and as a pair for stereo recording? any thoughts are much appreciated.
  19. K

    Universal Audio 2-610 into DBX 386...

    I've been saving up to buy the Universal Audio 2-610 to use in my studio, because of the amazing sounds I've heard come out of it. I noticed that it only has balanced xlr outs, which is good, but a little bit of a problem in my case. I need to get the Universal Audio 2-610 from the 2-610 to my...
  20. M

    FMR RNC vs DBX 266 XL

    hey all looking at these 2 compressors. FMR more expensive but i've heard its worth the money. the DBX i hear is no a frills work-horse. will be using either one primarily for tracking though i plan to experiment with mastering in the future. any opinions, comments suggestions...