decca tree

  1. Chris Perra

    Weathervane/Decca Tree overhead micing setup..

    Did some testing with the Weathervane/Decca Tree overhead micing setup.. Took forever to setup.. Pretty cool.. too bad my ceiling is low..
  2. D

    Mixing after having recorded with a stereo technique: RTF, XY, NOS, Decca Tree, Blumlein, AB

    There are tons of discussions about these stereo techniques (RTF, NOS, XY, Decca tree, Blumlein, AB) but I did not see much with regard to the mix once used them after recording. After one has recorded using one of these stereo techniques, what procedure to follow in the mixing process...
  3. paulears

    Old Orchestral Mic Techniques

    I found this article - really interesting stuff, on Decca Trees and other stereo techniques
  4. H

    Decca tree stereo mic set-up with three omnis

    Hello, I am new to this forum and wanted to ask if it is possible to use two different brands when recording with three omnis in a stereo decca tree set-up? I want to use two Sanken omnis for the sides and one spot Earthworks mic in the middle. They all have a flat frequency response. By...
  5. T

    Maybe a good decca tree contender..(microphone) looks interesting! I pretty much use my DPA 4006 exclusively for this task(with the 50mm pressure balls) but am always looking to add to the locker. After renting m50s countless times, I have decided that I dont really like them for decca tree or...
  6. T

    Decca Tree mounting options??

    I just got a matched trio of B+K 4006 and will surely be experimenting with Decca Tree in the future. Just curious if anyone here uses it, and what mounting options are tried and true. I am aware of the AEA bar, but would like more ideas. does everyone fly the mount or is anyone using a stand??
  7. F

    Hanging a decca tree

    Has anybody done this? I usually use Decca trees in session situations where mic stands don't matter. However, I just got 2 more omnis to add to the collection which means I can do a Decca tree and flanks. I have some gigs on the horizon where this would probably sound pretty awesome, but...
  8. J

    AT4060 as Decca Tree?

    Thomas I thought it would be a good idea to put this in a new thread after reading your post on the Small Format Mic Stand thread. It's an interesting idea to use AT4060s in a Decca Tree. I have always considered this mic to behave like a wide cardioid in its pickup from the front, but...
  9. MicHead

    That Nasty Decca Tree thing - again

    First thanks to all who responded to my first inquiry on the theory of the Decca Tree (previous posting). The information has carried me into the practical configurations of the the tree in use. Now, I would like to know if anyone can show me or direct me to the calculations underlying the...
  10. Q

    Decca head?

    I know that Decca Trees have been talked to death on this forum and maybe this has been talked about allready. Has any one ever tried a Decca Tree but with the mics together like a human head. Two ears and a Nose, these mics would have to be caridiod, but I no a lot of engineers that use...
  11. MicHead

    TL Decca-Tree Recording Technique

    Hi Everyone! I would like to ask if anyone can explain the theory, setup and typical application of the Decca-Tree? Over the years this is one technique I have never employed on location. Thank You, MicHead
  12. J

    Decca Tree with mk21

    Howdy, Looks like I will be helping out with a symphony recording soon and the plan is to use a Decca Tree with Schoeps mk21's. I have read discussions of the Decca Tree where people suggest aiming the 'front' of the omni mics inward/downward towards the orchestra. The reason given for...
  13. D

    How to Decca Tree?

    Hi all, I'm planning to record with Decca tree + ORTF setup for rear surround channels. As I was researching how to position the Decca tree, I became very confused!!! Where should the Left & Right mics be pointing? I was under the impression that 3 mics should all point forward, but...
  14. D

    Modified Decca Tree?

    For many of my field recordings I've been using a mid-side configuration, with a KM84 as mid and an MKH 30 as side. With the mics in a stereo Rycote, it works very nicely when I'm recording something like Tibetan rituals outdoors. But when I'm recording a Himalayan folk group with vocal...