1. kmetal

    Man...If only the hi hats were more realistic. BFD3/Roland demo

    came across this while I'm watching tutorials on BFD and a bunch of others. I can totally 'live with this' level of realism and quality lol. The snare roll articulations are remarkable imo. Maybe I've just getting tricked by excitement on my part or hype of my speakers or the video. The hi...
  2. DogsoverLava

    "Song For Paris" - Mix & Recording Technique

    Hi Guys! Watched the events of the last week unfold with my wife at my side and a guitar in my hands. This little chord figure worked it's way through my fingers until I decided it had to be recorded on Saturday/Sunday. This song is very much an existential lament. Would love your feedback on...
  3. audiokid

    StudioLive RM Series Launch Demonstration [=""]View:[/]
  4. pcrecord

    Beware of demos and used gear (even in a store)

    Hi guys, Here an interesting story : A bit more than a year ago, I bought a Focusrite Liquid saffire 56. Arriving to the store, the salesman said his last unit was a demo and offered a nice rebate, so I thought I was lucky and took a bit of time to test it and it was all good. I made a lot...
  5. DonnyThompson

    mic and mic pre demo bare bones

    [=""]View:[/] Hiya gang.. Here's a quick little acoustic thang I did this morning. My voice is pretty rough as I've played out the last 4 nights, and it...
  6. L

    Raw live demo recordings ( fem vox pop \ rock ~ soul-blues )

    Many thanks everyone, for your feedback and your advice. You have been most helpful! Hopefully we'll be back with better quality soon enough. :)
  7. R

    Responses to production deal demo emails?

    How do you all respond to demo emails? You know, the ones that come from some supposedly random person claiming to have found the next great talent and offering you a role in his forthcoming creative musical empire? I'm just curious if anyone has a form response or FAQ response they could...
  8. Ken Everett

    Demo Script Usage

    Until now, I've been focusing on audio book narration. However, I'd like to open opportunity to get engaged in commercial VO work or perhaps narration of training videos, etc. Therefore I need to put together a demo of commercial voicing. My first "dilemma" is to pull together a few scripts...
  9. Bethany

    Recording an Opera demo track

    Hi everyone. I'm trying to help out my wife, she's an opera singer. I simply HATE her demo recordings to send to apply for an audition. The Piano is ALWAYS super loud, and she sounds far away. This is a woman who can over power a full orchestra no problem. I've never been at her recordings, but...
  10. T

    Great trick for demoing mic placement, etc.

    I'd like to share a great studio technique that I call the "echo demo". I hope you find it as useful as I have. How do you determine optimum mike placement? By ear, of course, but how do you hear just the recorded sound without any live sound? The big-budget answer: have your assistant...
  11. kmetal

    UA Apollo Demo video....WOW

    i stumbled across thiswhile doing research for my cousins upgrade. i wanted to hear it, and WOW, now i want one even tho i don't need it. sure its pros doing the demo, but it's all UA, no pet outboard. enjoy.
  12. M

    Demo Recording Set Up Help Required Please...

    Hi there I need to record a demo/show reel on a VERY limited budget. I did have a live performance recorded but without going into details i do not have it any longer and now i need something to send to Agents. Having lived in Spain this was not necessary as i was given work through word of...
  13. audiokid

    Cakewalk Sonar X2a Touchscreen Demo

    Here's a demo of the new touchscreen interface of Sonar X2a by Cakewalk and the new plugin CA-2A at the NAMM Show 2013.
  14. ClarkJaman

    Mojave MA100 Demo

    Hey guys, A really kind and helpful man sold me a matched pair of MA100s last week. I decided to try them out on my acoustic guitar. They sound pretty darn good to me. There's 4 demos in this video. I think I tracked the first one a little too hot. The second one I wasn't a big fan of the...
  15. K

    How to record a demo and get signed to a label…Advice needed!

    Hi everyone, I’ve never seriously considered sending my music to record companies until just recently..however, I have been recording my own demo for the past month or so, and minus a couple of tracks I am finished (although there are playing mistakes here and there). Overall I feel really...
  16. kmetal

    Where do i put a 414 to record a kit for demo?

    I'm thinking figure 8 between kick snr? its Pre production w/ a decent metal (more galloping, than 32's on kick) I'm gonna just go to their spot and catch them on a portastudio, nothing more than pre work, but i'm still interested in opinions as to getting the overall drums. Its just to kinda...
  17. R

    Importing an Audio File into T-Racks 3 Deluxe Demo Version

    I have just installed the demo of T-Racks 3 and ran it stand alone and tried to improt an MP3 file of a Mix i had done earlier and it would not recognise the file format so I did a Mix of the same track to a 16 bit Wav file with a dither plugin across the Stereo Master and when I import it into...
  18. G

    How to record live music for demos

    I am in a band called High noon I am the lead singer and promo guy and we need to record some demos for night clubs and fans to promote the band BUT I have no clue what I am doing. I was told to buy a snowball usb mic. I also wanna find out how to properly edit the recordings ie what software to...
  19. R

    What's the best mic for my voice? Demo included...

    Not sure if I'm posting in the right place, but sure do let me know where I need to repost if here isn't it. [=""]How am i supposed to live - raw cheap mic by rawsoul on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for...
  20. S

    New Overdrive Demo I just finished

    Drums were recorded to tape, fun stuff This is an over drive comparison using settings that I felt were appropriate to demonstrate sounds from each pedal. Included in the demo were Way Huge Red Lama, Maxon OSD-9 (not od9), MXR Custom Modified Over Drive and Ibanez Tube Screamer TS 808. Each...