digital recorder

  1. OE1FEU

    Please recommend portable digital recorder with good mic preamps

    Hi there, I have used portable recorders starting in the 80s (WM-D3) and continued in the 90s (TCD-D8), mostly for recording piano recitals. My microphones of choice were and are the OKM-2 binaural mics by the Berlin 'Soundman' company and they served me really well. Over the decades I've...
  2. fieldSounds

    Using DR-701D with ambisonic mic

    Hi all, This is my first post here, so be gentle with me, please ;-). So, I'm about to start using my DR-701D and an ambisonic mic - one of Sennheiser Ambeo VR or Rode NT-SF1, I haven't yet decided - to record ambient sounds in the field, i.e. in the wild. Things like birdsong, running water...
  3. V

    Perfect Match to Bluebird SL

    Hello guys, I'm glad to find here, was't easy looking an audio geek community. I'm newbie... I'm thinking to buy Bluebird SL mic for solo instrument and chamber and looking a portable recorder which is perfect matched to bird. I'm aware to Zoom H5 or H6 but not sure what would be better for...
  4. SH1RYO

    Fostex MR 8

    Hi everyone I am new to this forum I'm hoping for some good help. So I just acquired a Fostex mr8 and I was wondering how to set it up. I did some recordings but can't figure out how to turn on the metronome and if I mess up a part how to go back and fix it without redoing the whole track.
  5. J

    Digital Recorder for my Karaoke sytem

    Hi, I have a basic karaoke system and now I want to add a good digital recorder to my system so I can record our songs. Output will come from my mixer then to the recorder. Question, Is there a way to record my songs per channel? Say I have 2x mics and 1x karaoke player = 3x separate channels...
  6. D

    Tascam DP03 digital recorder problems.Advice needed.

    A couple of weeks ago I had to upgrade from a 4 track Tascam Portastudio 414mk2 cassette to a Tascam DP03 digital recorder because I couldnt find new blank cassettes and I dont use ebay.So,I upgraded.Brought a brand new DP03.I have it set up with: Roland RD700sx stage piano, Roland KC350 amp and...
  7. M

    Digital Recorder for short films !

    hey , could any one please help me with a good digital voice recorder around 30$ - 60$ i don't want much futures , only a good recorder ( no matter how much does it storage ) that supports USB cable to transfer the files to my PC and Mic jack !! i want to use it with Lavalier ( lapel )...
  8. skyy38

    Portable Digital Recorder Shootout

    I am very fond of my humble Zoom H1 recorder but I'm still wondering about PDR's from other companies. Tascam Roland Sony Alesis Yamaha Marantz Korg What PDR's do you use and why? How does the sound quality hit you? Was it worth the price? Or not? If possible, please post links to audio demos...
  9. L

    Digital Recorder Suggestion

    Hello! I'm looking for a Digital Recorder. I found these tree and I want to ask you what's your opinion about about them and which will u suggest to me to buy. But if u have some other options please feel free to tell me. Here are the tree Digital Recorders: 1)...
  10. adiant

    $99 Digital Recorder - Zoom H1

    It wasn't that long ago that I was happy to get a digital audio recorder (Marantz PMD620) for $250. Now the Zoom H1 is selling for $99 in most electronics stores, like U.S. Admittedly, you have to buy the $25 accessory kit to get an AC adaptor, which may not be a necessity given...
  11. F

    Looking for digital recorder with on the fly editing capabilities.

    I'm looking for a digital recorder for use with dictation that allows for editing/insertion without the need to go to a computer. That is, I wish to be able to record something, then play it back, and at a point in the playback that I choose, press a button which allows me to insert a new...
  12. G

    Which is best mini-disc or 256KHZ digital recorder?

    Hi! My interest is in making Binaural feild recordings. I have had great success using in-ear mirophones and an old min-disc recorder. It sounds quite stunning actually! However the mini-disc has its disadvantages (like being mechanically fragile, having to carry discs around, the fragility...
  13. M

    Looking for good Portable Digital Recorder

    Hi, I'm considering purchasing a portable recorder (digital stereo) and wondering if anyone has used one of the following two, what you think of it, and where I might find the best deal: *Zoom H2 (or H4) (advertised $ H2 > $200.00) *OLYMPUS WS-331M (advertised $ > $180.00) My primary use...
  14. radi0headfan

    Digital Recorder-- Boss BR600 vs. Fostex MR-16HD

    ive been looking into getting a digital recorder and thought some of you could help me out...right now its between the Boss BR-600 (2 simultaneous tracks) selling for $349 and the Fostex 16-track (4 simultaneous tracks) recorder w/ a built-in 40 GB hard drive on sale for $399 (was previously...
  15. S

    tascam dp01fx/cd digital recorder for sale!!

    For sale..tascam dp01fx/cd 8 track digital recorder with cd burner for sale!!! barely used with manual, box and all accessories..paid 625.00 for it will sell for 500.00 even plus shipping cost..let me know if you are interested
  16. S

    tascam digital recorder for sale

    For sale..tascam dp01fx/cd 8 track digital recorder with cd burner for sale!!! barely used with manual, box and all accessories..paid 625.00 for it will sell for 500.00 even plus shipping cost..let me know if you are interested
  17. R

    Time to buy a portable digital recorder! Advice needed!

    I can't seem to go wrong when I post at for advice on new gear purchases. So here we go again! I am ready to buy a standalone portable digital recorder for ENG, sound effects/walla capturing for film, quick and dirty concert/practice recordings and other field work. Budget...
  18. T

    connecting roland vsr 880 to yamaha emx5000

    hey i just bought a roland vsr 880 digital recorder and i was wondering if it was possible to hook up a yamaha emx5000 to it. if possible can you tell me what to do to record. thanks
  19. V

    Setup for recording voice lessons? (mic, digital recorder?)

    I'm looking to help my voice teacher improve her lesson recording setup. Right now she records lessons with a Sony cassette walkman with the built-in mic and the results are poor quality and inconvenient (I've actually dubbed lessons to my DAW for playback from an ipod). I'm thinking that a...
  20. M

    RCA Digital Recorder

    I am new to this and was looking for some help? I have a RCA digital recorder and I am trying to down load it to my computer. I am able to record it through the sound recorder that comes with the computer. However, when I try to play it, all I get is scratch. Can anyone help me?