direct box

  1. M

    Samson MDA1 direct box question

    I have a fender jazzmaster that generates a lot of hum in the system. Have a Samson MDA1 direct box. Will this reduce the hum? I'm going into a ZED10FX mixer, into the GTR1 HiZ channel. If it will help, is there anything I should know about hooking it up? Thank you
  2. pcrecord

    ISA instrument input (Di) vs external Di ?

    Hi guys ! I've been asking myself this for a while. Most boutique preamps have Di inputs but I'd like to know if it would sound better to use an external Di plugged in the mic input of the same Di. I mostly use my ISA Di for bass and sometime to for guitar direct sound (as a backup). I found...
  3. Tommy osuna

    Direct box the Reddi by A-Designs

    I just got the chance to use this live . I can say that it really helps rounding out the sound for the bass . My bassist loved the tone . I have other pieces of their gear and I'm very satisfied with all of it . Any other people had any experience with this DI or any others . Would love to know...
  4. J

    Guitar and bass > Pedal Board > DI box > Recording Interface

    Hi guys, I have questions those are making me crazy. -I have to record an electric guitar (passive pups) and a bass with passive pups too, they are gonna use pedalboard effects. -I don't want to use Amps and Mic Techniques, and I would like to experiment a little with these Direct Boxes.(learn...
  5. W

    Impedence and DI boxes

    Hi everyone I'm just getting into doing some home recording and have a question which I'm sure is very simple but it's something that's been bugging me for a little while. I work with computers but electronics are a bit of a black box to me. I understand impedence from a practical perspective...
  6. Mice256

    Good DI boxes?

    Hey all, I was looking around and couldn't find a thread on this(maybe I missed it). I was looking for a really good phantom powered, reamping DI box. What are some really good ones that are reliable. I would be interested in buying a tube DI as well. What are your thoughts? I found some...
  7. R

    Connecting E.Gtr via DI box into mixer: Mic vs Line input?

    Greetings all, If I have to plug my guitar direct into a mixer during a live gig through a direct box, what is the difference when connecting the other end into the mic input vs the line input of the mixer? Is it better going into the mic input, if so, why? Thanks for any advice!
  8. A

    How do you record bass using a passive DI box + a mic?

    Hey guys I'm wondering how to record bass using a passive DI box and a mic so that I can have 2 signals going into Pro Tools. I've never recorded with two signals before so I'm not real clear on how to hook everything up. I'm using an Mbox with two inputs. So for one signal I go from the mic...
  9. lostindundee

    Active DI Boxes?

    Hi Folks I currently have a Radial JDI. It sounds good. I'm fairly happy with it as am I with the DI on my Portico 5016. As quantative needs are increasing, I'm in the market for another one or two DIs. I have been reading opinions that Active DIs (in general) are better for guitars and basses...
  10. S

    New problem with me little labs red eye and other Di boxes!!!!!

    I have had a new problem develop today in the studio with my Di boxes and my AWESOME Little Labs Di/Re-amper boxes. Everything sounds fine UNTIL I plug the XLR cable into them. the guitar tone goes from ROARING death metal bliss with tons of gain to sad thin unhappy blues tone(no beef with the...
  11. J

    (term) Direct Box

    Direct box = Direct Inject
  12. G

    For those who doubt the need for a DI box

    I did a side by side today simulating having a DI box vs. not having one. (I don't actually have one) Before you say WTF, here's what I did. 1. Run guitar into MXR KFK 10 Band EQ (has two identical outputs) 2. One output goes to amp 3. One goes to FireBox HI-Z input. Then I set up a...
  13. J

    (term) Direct Inject

    A D.I. or direct inject unit is a device that connects a high-impedance, line level signal to a mic-level device. Usually a box, or less commonly a multichannel racked or unracked unit, the box contains buffering circuitry that allows you to connect line-level equipment, or commonly, acoustic...
  14. ThirdBird

    cheap di box

    Best di box under $50? I understand they make pro ones for $100+, but my budget can't handle that at the moment. It would be for a uke with an acoustic pickup for live use. Possibly some direct bass recording. Thanks!
  15. R

    Recording problem with bass and DI box

    hi, how's this for a cheap live-off-the-floor recording technique/ i'm trying to record my band by plugging everyone into our mixing board and capturing the output on my usb interface into my laptop. I also have an output to a 4 channel headphone amp/splitter the Foh/monitor speakers...
  16. G

    What is your favorite/preferred DI box

    and why? Discuss.
  17. R

    radial direct boxes

    who uses them? do you like it? why or why not? have you used many other di boxes? how do the ProD1 and ProD2 compare to other boxes? thanks in advance,
  18. C

    di box between amp and mixer ?

    sorry if this is a novice question but i have gotten a new amp recently a new marhall mg halfstack. I need to run it through to my tascam portastudio 2488neo. there is no mixer output on the new amp. i was wondering is it even recomendable to run out from the spare cabinet extension on my head...
  19. N

    recording a violin

    sorry about my english. i'm not american/ i play on violin and i want to record me in my comuter.. i use AUDACITY. i have a good pick up in my violin (somthing of barcus-berry). andd i connect a PL cable to my comuter. but the problem is that the sound isn't good!!!. it's sound metallic. i...
  20. G

    DI Boxes

    Looking at DI's. Why do the prices vary so much? Is it better preamps/wiring or cleaner bypass? Or do the higher price ones clean up the sound and make it sound better for DI. I have taken direct injection of my guitar without one and I can get it to sound good, but it takes a lot of Plugs...