diy mastering

  1. DogsoverLava

    Stairway Mastering

    Per last post in the Stairway Mix thread I've settled on a mix for this particular vocalist. The unmastered 24 bit .wav file for that is here: So I've "Mastered it" My process following the recommendations in this thread...
  2. ClarkJaman

    My first attempt at DIY mastering

    Hey guys, This is a song I produced, engineered, mixed etc myself. Now I am mastering it. It's my first time trying to master myself, so I am looking for some feedback. You can listen to the tracks here. I uploaded the mastered and the unmastered tracks so you can A/B them is you so choose...
  3. audiokid

    Top 10 DIY Mastering Mistakes

    What do you think the Top 10 DIY Mastering Mistakes are?
  4. audiokid

    DIY Mastering

    Does DIY Mastering work? Topic sparked from the increase of DIY Mastering discussions. Are all the steps to mastering music the same as it was 20 years ago? What steps of a professional Mastering Engineer have now become DIY mainstream and/or are in the process of elimination and/or are...
  5. I

    DIY Mastering - OTB vs ITB?

    Greetings, I'm finishing up a CD project with a client, and I'm starting to think about mastering. There's little to no budget - or time before the CD release - so a mastering house is out. The project was trackewd on a Mix+ system with a Rosetta AD @ 44.1K 24-Bit. I have the software L2...