1. L

    stereo doubling question

    When I record my songs, I double the guitar tracks, or what is needed to be doubled anyway. When mixing, with my headphones on, it sounds great. it sounds how it is supposed to sound. however, when I listen to it without headphones, the guitars clash. Without the doubling, the rhythm guitar...
  2. J

    Getting past "the tricks" - pan & doubling/tripling

    Perhaps wrongly titled. Perhaps I mean 'creating room so the tricks don't have to be used'. What I am talking about is queries like the recent query on recording vocals and getting that warm, fat sound. The answer given was to triple the vocal, one left, one right, one centre. Or when I...
  3. audiokid

    (term) Doubling

    The process of recording an instrumental part twice and blending the two takes together in order to achieve a fuller sound.
  4. J

    Doubling question

    I don't want to wear out my welcome with too many questions but I had such good luck with my last one I'm gonna post another one. My greatest recording discovery of the last few months (and maybe it's really just a cheap trick) was to take a vocal track, duplicate it, shift it forward...
  5. T

    Doubling Lead Vocals?

    My friend (bandmate) and I have been debating the fact of doubling vocals in the recording of our songs. As the singer, I like the sound of the doubled vocal because it fattens the sound up a bit and allows for the vocals to cut through and not seem small compared to the other loud instruments...
  6. J

    Vocals Doubling

    Hi all, I'm new to computer DAW recording but have experience using dedicated multi-track digital recorders. Anyway - this one has me frustrated and scratching my head. My signal chain is the following: Mic->Preamp->M-Audio Audiophile USB Interface->Mac (Logic) My voice doubles on...
  7. J

    How common is vocal doubling?

    I was thinking about doing some vocal doubling for my cd I'm recording. How common is this?
  8. cathode_ray

    Doubling vocals

    How do "YOU" do this? When I try to double, it's real obvious it 2 takes. I'm not a great singer but competent enough to come close - they just don't merge... Is most doubling just track "copy and delay"? How do you pan them? How much value in 2 actual(as opposed to virtual ) tracks.
  9. M

    doubling vocal help

    I've always been into that sound of vocals that have been doubled. My problem is when my vocals are summed to mono (which most "major label" productions with this technique sound like they are, and most new songs that are popular seem to have done) they sound thin and out of phase. Am i doing...
  10. T

    Doubling guitar

    Hey everyone. Im just getting into recording and i want to get the best out of what i have. obviously. lol. haha. I have a digi002 with an apple imac, a presonus pre with sm57's and im using dual recs and mesa cabs. Im into heavy rock with thick heavy sounding guitars. But i feel like im not...
  11. I

    Live vocal delay/doubling/compression

    I've no experience with live vocal effects. I have a very soft voice and have gotten it to a satisfactory sound in recording with a doubling effect. I'm wondering what the best way is to do that live? I've done some searching and found: and...
  12. E

    Guitar Doubling

    Can anyone tell me why when I record two guitar parts with no changes in amp settings or mic positions and pan them both hard to one side it sounds like shite(single sounds better than double. Double sounds hollow and distant)? If I pan one hard left and then one around 11 o'clock it sounds...
  13. J

    doubling vocals

    Could someone give me some tips on doubling vocals for affect. I'm recording a male trio and normally in gospel music you would record each line three times: one main vocal and two "stacks". However, each line is not right on with the previous in time and/or pitch (I know a little off is good...
  14. B

    Doubling effect

    Que paso everybody? Is there way to produce a doubling effect for vocals using cubase or adobe audition (cool edit pro)?
  15. J

    voice doubling?

    I know I'll probably get yelled at... but, how do you acheive voice doubling? and where can a hear a good sample of this technique? thanx guys!
  16. C

    Eventide Vocal Doubling

    So I got a DSP 7000. I mostly use it for ^#$%ed Fx and reverbs. I never have really done the "harmonisation" thing on the eventide but when I have experimented with doing harmonies and double of a vocal I never really like the sound. When the pros use the eventide for a double what are the...
  17. P

    Vocal Doubling--Other FX?

    Hey I've recorded some vocals which sound good, but they just don't stand out in the mix, even though they're panned dead centre, and everything else is panned out. I saw Inside Edition on ABC last night, where the host (Deborrah Norville) recorded a track with dance producer/remixer...