1. DonnyThompson

    Drawmer 1973

    A new plug from Softube, this is a 3 band (multi-band) compressor modeled after a Drawmer 1973. I've never been a huge fan of MBC, but I have downloaded the trial version for this and I find it to be the best one I've used so far. I do like that you can process in M-S as well as stereo with...
  2. TheJackAttack

    Drawmer kickbox

    http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/KickBox4x4/ So has anyone used one of these? Are there advantages to this over a standard type of splitter? Thanks.
  3. B

    Opinions on Drawmer MX60

    Drawmer MX60..... It looks like a nice piece of gear for a front end to a digital workstation. Does anybody have experience with it? Many features, it looks like it would work well with vocals, instruments and electronic drums to give a more "REALISTIC" sound. Digital is digital and...
  4. T

    Drawmer 1968, 1961, eq2nv and Mastering

    Has anyone had a chance to use the 1968 for project studio mastering? How about the 1961 as well. And How about using them together? How about the 1961 compared to the eq2nv? What would be the best compressor/EQ combination to warm up a DAW recording? And does this make sense to you...
  5. D

    Drawmer 1961 Vacuum Tube EQ

    Hi everyone, Anyone heard or knows if this EQ is reliable and could fit in a Mastering role ? Thanks in advance ! Richard
  6. C

    Drawmer 1960 stereo tube comp/lim, mic/pre

    Is there any use of this box that wants to share some impression about it? It's kind of inexpensive isn't it/ thank you
  7. F

    Drawmer M500

    Does anyone have any experience with one of these? I recently picked one up and am amazed at the difference between it and the berhinger comp I've been using! At first, I wasn't sure it was on when I was going through the presets!!! :tu: I'm sure I'll be using it on everything I can for...
  8. J

    Brent Averill 3405 and Drawmer 1960 anyone familiar?

    Hey guys, just borrowed these two units from someone and was wondering if anyone is familiar with them. The Brent Averill says "made from 3405 Neve modules" on the front. Aparently it isn't made any longer. The Drawmer 1960 is a Tube Comp and Pre. First, is the Drawmer a Tube Pre and...
  9. A

    New product from Drawmer

    Heys guys, has anyone checked this new mic pre/tube compressor?
  10. H

    tc electronic,dbx or drawmer

    I'm looking to buy a secondhand finalizer and i have a £700.00 pound buget,witch one would you recommend me to buy.
  11. W

    Drawmer Mic Pre/Comp

    Should this unit be used for anything other than as a guitar and bass pre. Would it have any drawbacks for vocals or acoustic guitar or congas or kick/snare?
  12. C

    FMR RNC or Drawmer DL241

    Which would you prefere for program or overall mix compression before two track FMR RNC or Drawmer DL241? Why? Thanks
  13. D

    Drawmer 1969 question

    Hello all, I got my 1969 from Mercenary today. I started an 11-song mix and so far I really dig it. I got it for this mix to use on the 2-mix. I'm in big mode and I seem to be digging a fast (1 or 2) attack. For release I used 4, the first of the programe dependant settings and on the second...
  14. B

    Crane Song Flamingo vs. Avalon AD2022 vs.... Drawmer 196

    I'm currently in the market for a 2 ch. mic pre. I'm interested in the Crane Song Flamingo and the Avalon AD2022. I'm also looking to get a few channels of compression as well, so I thought I'd throw in the Drawmer 1969 as an option and potentially kill two birds with one stone. I currently...
  15. P

    FMR RNC or Drawmer MX-30?

    I know these are relatively low end comps, but Im just a humble aumatuer noise-maker, looking for professional advice. These will be used for taking care of toms, mostly. Or, perhaps youve heard better results on other instruments. There is also Drawmer's DL241 which is a bit more, but still...
  16. O

    pendulum vs. drawmer 1969

    ok. so i need a good stereo compressor. preferebly no super expensive. these two look lik egood options: the pendulum electro optical compressor, and the 1969. and the 2 mic pre's on the 1969 would be really nice. but is the pendulum better enough to warrent no getting 2 mic pre's and a DI...
  17. V

    Distressor or Drawmer 1969?

    I'd like my finished PT24 mixes to go through a nice compressor before I mix to analog tape but I can't decide between a pair of distressors or drawmer 1969. I've never used either of these and have only heard great things about them. The goal, of course, is to get that final bit of laquer on a...