drum mics

  1. Tony Carpenter

    New drum mics.

    Hi gang, I am about to splash out on a new Hendrix Bubinga drum kit and lots of other new toys for it. Mics for drums have gone by the by over the years all I really have left is a fusion f25 I think. I am considering a 4 mic set up. Bass drum Shure beta 52a, snare or Hi-hat a Shure SM-81-LC...
  2. TheWeez

    Micing drums?

    I stopped recording about 8 years ago and just recently decided to get back into it. I have a decent set of drum mics but they do not include any "overhead" mics. I ended up using two large condenser mics that I normally use for vocals but what I'm finding is that the snare comes out really...
  3. audiokid

    AT5045P on drums

    AT5045 sounds great on drums /overheads. These look like an excellent all round instrument mic. What do you think? The clips look easy to position and lock. Beautiful kit.
  4. Randy Carrillo

    Drum Mic opinions

    Hello, I am looking for recommendations/opinions on drum mics. I currently have two AT2020s for overheads and an SM57 for the snare. I will be buying two MD421s for my toms. (I use a 4 piece drum kit.) I am leaning towards the E602 for the kick, but want to know if there are any other...