drum room mics

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    Snare mic and hihat, drum room mics

    Hello all, When trying to gate a top snare mic in a song there are a few spots where the drummer was playing the hihat way too loud and I find it impossible to gate the snare mic in any fashion that does not either, ruin the snare sound or have the hihat bleeding through in only a few spots...
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    drum room microphones

    any ideas on good roomor ambient mics? :? a pair of snall condensors perhaps? :wink:
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    Drum Room Mics Question

    I'm looking to try a stereo room mic set up on the drums for an up coming session I'm doing. Just wondering if anyone has expereience with this. I'm not sure weather to go with a coincident pair or a spaced pair. I don't have the ability to do a MS techniques. Your help would be much...
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    Nady RSM-2 / PPA / T-Bone Chinese Ribbons on Drum Room

    I just put them up, in a decadent multi-mic scheme, and ended up using as much of them or more than any other mic! Here are some clips. Clip 1 Clip 2 Details and pictures of the setup. My mics are the Tape Op group buy editions which just came in - a tapered grille (from which i...
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    How to get a useful drum room mic sound?

    Greetings, Doing a fair amount of drum tracking in my not large, but not small studio here in NYC. Maybe 30 x 20 room. Not super well tuned or anything, but there's decent room tone to be had. Generally, just because I have the tracks and mics, I put up 3 room mics, one about 5 feet in front...
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    Drum Mics & Drum Room

    Howdy! I am looking for some suggestions before I "Buy & Build". I don't have a big budget for drum mics to start (about $1500). I have been thinking of a simple setup with just 3 mics; SM57 on the snare, a Sennheiser MD421 on the bass drum, and a Rode NT4 stereo for an overhead. Do these...
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    Positioning of Drum Room Mics

    I have a great sounding studio drum kit (Ayotte/Paiste) and a great sounding wood/concrete/carpet room that measures approximately 20'x22'x11' high with a vaulted ceiling. It's professionally spec'd and acoustically treated (bass traps, dimensions, etc.) I know it's not large by drum room...