drum room

  1. Jason Morris

    Building a new Drum Room

    Hi! I have been slowly working on building out a new room in my basement for practicing/recording drums. It's been a slow process, that has thus far involved removing water heaters, and breaking up the concrete floor to re-route the water main so that I have a relatively unobstructed floor...
  2. E

    What makes a great drum room for recording?

    I've got a potential recording session coming up with a heavy a-la SevenDust band. I recorded them years ago when I didn't know what I was doing at all. Now I certainly know enough to be dangerous. My actual studio space is small. 7 foot ceiling and only 13 x 22. I have an alternative...
  3. T

    Drum Room

    Hey guys, Right now I'm trying to record drums, but I just cant get the sound I'm looking for. My kit is in a 10x11 room with heavy foam and blankets. The rest of my house is completely open. I was thinking of moving my drums to the living room. OK, so heres my question, does the room...
  4. J

    Snare mic and hihat, drum room mics

    Hello all, When trying to gate a top snare mic in a song there are a few spots where the drummer was playing the hihat way too loud and I find it impossible to gate the snare mic in any fashion that does not either, ruin the snare sound or have the hihat bleeding through in only a few spots...
  5. E

    Drum room advice

    Alright guys ive been reading these forums for maybe 2 yrs to gain advice which i have used. Im not recording from home in a room with the dimensions as follows 12 X 16 X 8 ft now im gonna be recording scratch guitar and drums on friday. Im wanting to get the best drum sound possible with this...
  6. S

    drum room microphones

    any ideas on good roomor ambient mics? :? a pair of snall condensors perhaps? :wink:
  7. D

    Drum Room Mics Question

    I'm looking to try a stereo room mic set up on the drums for an up coming session I'm doing. Just wondering if anyone has expereience with this. I'm not sure weather to go with a coincident pair or a spaced pair. I don't have the ability to do a MS techniques. Your help would be much...
  8. D

    Nady RSM-2 / PPA / T-Bone Chinese Ribbons on Drum Room

    I just put them up, in a decadent multi-mic scheme, and ended up using as much of them or more than any other mic! Here are some clips. Clip 1 Clip 2 Details and pictures of the setup. My mics are the Tape Op group buy editions which just came in - a tapered grille (from which i...
  9. I

    How to get a useful drum room mic sound?

    Greetings, Doing a fair amount of drum tracking in my not large, but not small studio here in NYC. Maybe 30 x 20 room. Not super well tuned or anything, but there's decent room tone to be had. Generally, just because I have the tracks and mics, I put up 3 room mics, one about 5 feet in front...
  10. C

    Is there a size limit for a drum room?

    My studio is located in a large production house. I have one iso room that's fairly small (11' x 11') with an 8' height. I've always recording drums in there with pretty decent results (or at least to my young ears.) right outside my studio is an enormous warehouse. I've always heard that...
  11. M

    Drum Room

    I am working with a great sounding but very dry drum kit. What kind of a drum room do you "put this kit in" in a mix ? Do you let it share the "main reverb" (minus the kick drum)? Do you give it a separate (smaller...?)drum room ? What kind of parameters do you use for such a drum room...
  12. E

    Drum Mics & Drum Room

    Howdy! I am looking for some suggestions before I "Buy & Build". I don't have a big budget for drum mics to start (about $1500). I have been thinking of a simple setup with just 3 mics; SM57 on the snare, a Sennheiser MD421 on the bass drum, and a Rode NT4 stereo for an overhead. Do these...
  13. S

    Positioning of Drum Room Mics

    I have a great sounding studio drum kit (Ayotte/Paiste) and a great sounding wood/concrete/carpet room that measures approximately 20'x22'x11' high with a vaulted ceiling. It's professionally spec'd and acoustically treated (bass traps, dimensions, etc.) I know it's not large by drum room...