drum samples

  1. Sean G

    PRESONUS STUDIO ONE: How to replace drums with no third party plugins

    I found this tutorial showing how to replace drums in SO without third party plug-ins... -It uses SO2 but the same applies to SO3
  2. Sean G

    Roland TR-808 + Fairchild 670 Samples

    I came across this link while perusing the interweb of some Roland TR-808 samples through a Fairchild 670. The Fairchild is the only one in Australia located at Studios 301 in Sydney, my home town, and undoubtedly the greatest city in the world...;) The link takes you to the Studios 301 site...
  3. C

    Drum Samples?

    A couple days ago I received some drum replacement software [Drumagog 5] as a gift. It already came with samples in it, but none that I'm really into. Where can I get some awesome drum samples?