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  1. kmetal

    Man...If only the hi hats were more realistic. BFD3/Roland demo

    came across this while I'm watching tutorials on BFD and a bunch of others. I can totally 'live with this' level of realism and quality lol. The snare roll articulations are remarkable imo. Maybe I've just getting tricked by excitement on my part or hype of my speakers or the video. The hi...
  2. audiokid

    FXpansion BFD3 Review

    I use BFD3. Here is an excellent review FXpansion BFD3 Review - YouTube by audiokid posted Mar 26, 2015 at 10:01 PM
  3. V

    Drum settings in BFD2?

    Helo! First of all, I know this is a big request, but I'll ask you, maybe somebody help me :)I'm a guitarist, so I don't know too much about drumming. I've a BFD2 software, with Joe Barresi: evil drums kits. Now I'm learning drumming from saved midi files, what I open in reaper with BFD2...My...
  4. audiokid


    Load up FXpansion's BFD 3 virtual drum software, and it's as if you're standing inside an incredible-sounding room with every must-have drum component at your fingertips. This third-generation library gives you a huge array of sounds and presets, and an updated browser design makes working...
  5. A

    Logic and BFD2

    Hello there, I am thinking of buying an electronic drum kit, and to go with it a copy of BFD2. Does BFD2 work well with Logic, and how does it integrate? Thanks for your time.
  6. B

    BFD2 + Samplitude problem [noob in VSTs]

    Hey guys, I just installed BFD2, to use in Samplitude, the install was ok, with all the updates, etc. It works perfectly in standalone mode, but as a plugin-vst, despite it works, there is no sound. I can choose instruments etc, but there is no sound. I enabled the Midi button, tried to route...
  7. B

    BFD with Nuendo

    I am thinking of getting BFD and already use Nuendo. While speaking to a friend the other day, he told me that there were compatibility issues with these two programs. Have any of you had experiences with Nuendo and BFD? If so, are there tips and tricks you would be willing to share. I...
  8. audiokid

    Best drum pad controller for BFD2

    Doing searches for the best drum pad controller for BFD2 looks like it may be the Korg padKontrol. I actually want to use this with UBS direct. Here is some piece of info for you: I never thought of this but for those of you having latency issues with any USB controller, having a good power...
  9. audiokid

    BFD2 thoughts and opinions

    Has anyone tried the new BFD2 drum software. The sound clip sounds pretty awesome. Check out the link http://www.fxpansion.com/index.php?page=53&tab=148 I'm going to take the demo for a test drive...
  10. cfaalm

    BFD or Toontrack

    I am contemplating buying EZ drummer, but I am tempted to buy BFD 2.0 since I got this 30% off coupon. I need something to replace my not-so-cutting-edge-anymore Roland R8m. A few things in favor of EZ drummer: Already so much better sounding than the Roland R8m Good enough for getting...
  11. R

    Creating Drum tracks, Re-Drum, BFD or Drum Machine?

    I am currently using an Alesis SR-16 to do my drum tracks with, not being a drummer I find it hard to create my own Drum Loops and fills so pretty much just use the presets and process the Bass and Snare drum seperatley in pro tools. I am currently looking at other tools to create drum...
  12. L

    Reason drums vs. BFD drums

    im interested in getting either reason or BFD to make artificial drum tracks for my recordings. i am curious about the pros and cons of each if i am looking to make rock recordings. help please!
  13. I

    Thinking about getting BFD but I have one question.

    I was wanting to know how to make my own drum beats on it without having a keyboard or v-drums. Is there any other options other than that?
  14. T

    Triggering BFD or DFH?!?

    I'd like to use pre-recorded drums to trigger BFD or DFH. I know that in theory I need to convert the different drum tracks into midi notes and then route it to BFD or DFH. I know that in Logic you can do that, but what about in Cubase SX2? Is there a free Mac plugin that will do that...
  15. R

    BFD Users! Question..

    To all of you who use BFD -- I'm really interested in purchasing it, but I had a question first. After you're done programming the drums for a song, can u record each sound seperately into Pro Tools? Like... Kick seperate, Snare, Hi Hats, stc. Or does it have to be recorded into Pro...
  16. F

    Cubase & BFD (Vst Drums Instrumen)

    i have installed BFD for anyone who familier with it.. which is greate. but since i'v installed it any midi even i record is being recorded with delay .. the audio is fine, the midi plays ok .. but only when i record and then play it after ... the midi events in the list editor are delayed ...
  17. W

    FXpansion BFD

    Does anyone have any experience with this? Can this be used on either Cubase LE or ProTools LE? Does BFD have any issues on either of these? Oh, and is BFD as good as everyone seems to think it is? What else is out there in BFD's league? Thanks!
  18. W

    bfd drum module choppy in pro tools.

    well i finally got this great program working. but now when i use this in conjunction with pro tools it lags and is very choppy. i am using a powerbook G4 1 ghz. 512 ram. m-audio radium midi keyboard. brand new. pro tools 6.4 for osx. if i max my ram to a gig will this help the...
  19. W

    BFD Drum module help needed

    i am trying to install this thing but having some troubles. its not installing properly from the disc. i got the update file and installed it that way. now i just have to drag the files from the dvd onto my hard drive. can anyone who has this tell me specificly where the files and folders...
  20. F

    Pro Tools and expansions BFD problems

    :( I just recently purchased expansions BFD. And am having all kinds of problems. I'm running 6.4le on a G5 running Panther 10.3.3 with 2 gigs ram, using rewire. Sounds are great yet using to track is tough. Maybe I'm just clue less. I'm getting all kinds of memory problems! Go figure. Cpu...