1. E

    purchasing PCaudiolabs Rok Box MC 64/ Cubase/ Eastwest Composers Collection

    PCaudiolabs Rok Box MC 64, Cubase, Eastwest complete composers collection, and Superior drummer Metal foundry. i was wondering what your opinions were on this before i purchased this hard/soft ware. i mostly compose epic symphonic metal/ classical. are there any better pro audio computer...
  2. M

    Upgrade EastWest Gold XP Pro to Player version of Gold?

    I've been loading my EastWest Gold XP Pro Symphonic Orchestra onto a new Windows 7 laptop. I'm finally moving off of my trusty XP desktop. Anyone have any recommendations? Should I take this opportunity (and spend $99) to upgrade to NI's newest "Play" platform? I've already spent a good chunk on...
  3. stratman312

    Eastwest with Windows 7?

    I purchased the Eastwest syphonic gold and stormdrum 2 to run on my computer with vista, but I'm about to purchase a new computer with windows 7, and I'm wondering if these are compatible with 7. I know the side of the box doesn't list the 7 logo, and I saw some updates on the eastwest site...