1. Johnny Blade

    ASIO vs WDM vs MME drivers

    Could someone explain me the best driver for editing and mastering on a PC? I know that for recording the ASIO driver is the best due to its minimized latency, but I have a doubt if this same criterion applies in the case of editing and mastering on the computer. Is there a difference in the...
  2. L

    Musician wants to edit his own performance

    I searched and didn't find any post on this topic, so I hope I'm not duplicating someone else's inquiry. I record a couple of local classical chamber music series for radio broadcast. For an upcoming gig, the solo classical pianist has asked me to turn over my files from his rehearsal and...
  3. kmetal

    Free well regarded room mode calculator has mobile edition.

    this calculator has a great rep around the www. I find it super useful, and love the way it graphically depicts the hot/cold spots in a given set of dimensions. I'm not sure if the site itself automatically detects your on a mobile device or not, it seemed to know I was on a tablet, I don't...
  4. kmetal

    Remote payments, credit cards, how do you do it.

    hey guys, I may have gotten another studio design/consult gig, this time out of state (lol I'm not shy with the self promotion on gs.) I have paypal, but am a complete newbie. I'm usually paid via check or cash, but this is the first 'official remote' job, where I won't be present. I would...
  5. One Flight Up

    Editing Drums Tutorial

    Hey everyone, Just wanted to share with you an article my buddy wrote which I've found very, very useful! He's a whiz at all things Pro Tools, and this is his guide to Drum Editing: [="http://www.oneflightup.com.au/drum-editing"]Editing Drums[/] Do you guys have any tips or special techniques...
  6. Sean G

    Searching For Studio One Pro 3 Silicone Keyboard Editor Overlay For Apple Numeric Keyboard

    I have an Apple keyboard with numeric pad (see image below) and I'm searching for a Studio One Pro 3 silicone editor overlay to suit. It seems everywhere I look on the web there seems to be the Studio One overlay for Macbook and Imac, but not for this apple keyboard which I'm sure is the most...
  7. G

    DSD recording software.

    Hi all, I'm considering designing a DSD256 or DSD512 A/D converter, however, before doing so I'd like to know if there's any software available for editing such files (at a reasonable price level) ... Any of you know if such software exists and what it's called? Thanks for any insights about...
  8. DonnyThompson

    Free Hi-Res DSD/Wav Converter/Editor from Tascam

    Tascam has released a free program designed to convert and edit hi-res DSD: DSF, DSDIFF, and PCM/.Wav files. I don't know anything about it - I've downloaded it to see what potential benefits it might have for me - but I haven't actually used it yet, so don't kill the messenger. I'm posting...
  9. Gordon Stanley

    DSD Tracking, Editing, Mastering - Equipment Used - Experience?

    If you are using a DSD production workflow, what equipment are you using, what have been your experiences, what needs to be done to make this workflow as easy (if possible) compared to PCM workflow?
  10. G

    How to edit vocals and guitar and export for soundcloud with Logic Pro

    Hi Everyone, I am just starting out and right now I am recording audio with my DSLR. I have converted the files (Vocals and Guitar Tracks) to wav file format and would like to know how do I edit them in Logic Pro X to sound like professional tracks. Are there any tutorials specifically for...
  11. audiokid

    Samplitude object level editing

    Its hard not being very excited about this software. So, here is a really good explanation about object based processing. [="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAE-x683HZo"]View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAE-x683HZo[/]
  12. M

    How to easily edit out some low level analog artifacts

    Hi, I have an audio cassette that I am going to transfer to digital. 1. Is there an adapter I can run from the cassette player out to my presonus interface (VSL 22) that would let me do the analog to digital conversion? Or should I just mic it up old school off the cassette deck and capture it...
  13. A

    How can I edit my Singles or Alnums info on iTunes, and Amazon, etc?

    Hello! How can I edit my Singles or Albums info on iTunes, and Amazon, etc? I have used Catapult Distribution, and is considering CD Babies, etc, Which distributors will give you this editing ability on iTunes, and Amazon, etc? I want to edit the description, and add lyric to my listings there...
  14. ClarkJaman

    First time editing real drums

    Hey guys. I have always used EZdrummer, but for the first time I am working on a song with real acoustic drums that were recorded in a professional studio. I have a couple questions for you guys who have done this a few times: -Two matching condenser mics recorded the room sound from about 25...
  15. pcrecord

    Is Mackie MR8 first edition worth it ?

    I have the Yorkville Ysm1 and think about having a alternate set to double check my mixes. Since the put out the MR8mkII the first edition are cheap to buy, but are they any good ? Or any alternative for low budget (around 500$ for a pair)?
  16. U

    Organising Audio Clips & Editing Software

    My main interest is wildlife field recording and have 2x questions: 1 - Whats the best way to organise the audio clips on the computer and also search for them, i.e. search for a particular species or atmosphere recording. 2 - I currently use Audacity editing software but this does have...
  17. ClarkJaman

    Fader Automation Vs Gain Editing

    Hey guys, :) So lately I have been moving away from compression/limiting plugins in my mixing, and other methods to even my mixes out, without squashing the transients and losing definition and clarity. Basically, I do some of the work manually, so that the compressor doesn't have to work as...
  18. B

    Need advice on quick editing tool for mac

    Hey guys, how u doin`? I`ve been working since last month, with Mayor elections around here. I edit and make the sound design for a specific candidate, and it`s all going to TV etc. Since I record mainly bands, I use PT9, which is wonderful for my music recording needs. However, I see it...
  19. W

    I want to create automated sound editing for live performance: let me explain.

    The vision: I will play to a click track emanating from a DAW. The DAW will be aware of a linear movement forwards through time (basically, a playhead moving through the session). I play guitar through an amp. I want to record the sound coming out of the amp and send it to the DAW. With that...
  20. D

    Smart wave editing? Find/Seek?

    I'm looking for software or plugin that will seek wave patterns....for example if I select a portion of a wave it will seek similar instances of the selected pattern? I could swear I did this in Reaper once but damned if I can remember how. THANKS