1. pcrecord

    Magix CoreFX - Chorus and Flanger

    Hi, This is the first video that will cover, in deep, the effects included in Magix CoreFX. If you have questions or tests you would like me to do, feel free to ask !
  2. M

    Help with guitar video recording set up

    Hello, I'm recording a guitar and backing track and a mic to a video camera (yes, I know it would be better to use a dedicated audio recorder, but we're not so please don't suggest a Zoom recorder, etc.), and I'm trying to determine the best configuration for the guitar sound. Note that the...
  3. djkissi

    Free sample packs and sound effects for you.

    Hello guys. I know websites that music producers can use to score free samples and loops for their music. The secret is knowing where to look. So, I’ve made the process even easier by compiling a list of websites that offer free samples and loops that you can use in your next project. Many of...
  4. Colin

    E-guitar amp effects

    Not sure at all if I'm in the right place for this post. I'm looking for guitar amp effects for audio tracks in Ableton Live intro. I have Logic Pro X and it has a pretty extensive array of amps and cabinets for guitar but I like using Ableton live now. Guitar rig?
  5. C

    Recommendation on external FX?

    I am mixing for various weekend warrior bar bands as a noob/amateur going on a year now. I typically mix approximately 1 show per month so my experience is limited to maybe 12 shows total. One band that I mix for is limited to a single effect in their Mackie ProFX16V2 but could potentially be...
  6. paulears

    Expensive synths with poor mono compatibility

    Most stereo synths, samplers and keyboard and rack module versions seem to have a inherent problem. The have left and right outputs, and usually the left functions fine as a mono output if the right socket is left empty - however, if you take a stereo feed to your recording or PA system, and...
  7. Student

    How do I make this Trap rising / falling synth effect sound?

    It's heard in some trap songs. I've heard young chop was the one to first design it, but I'm really not sure on that. I haven't been finding much information on it. I'm wanting to nearly exactly replicate it. Though, I'm not concerned about the water bubble noises, just the synth(s). If anybody...
  8. Georgeadey1992

    Noob question about Rack effects to USB interface!

    Hi everyone, I'm reasonably new to recording and have never used Rack Effects before. I have been given an Alesis Micorverb 4. Now this is the stupid question bit - Can I run my guitar into the input of the Alesis and then a cable from the output to the USB audio interface I am using?? I...
  9. crystaldrone

    Balancing & Panning FX returns

    Hello All, I am starting to mix a new track i recorded and want some advice on how to mix and handle FX returns and routing. I was wondering how to pan FX returns like reverb & delay. I read somewhere that in case of reverb, the wet signal should be panned to the same position as the dry...
  10. mrfye17

    FX Before or After Parallel Compression

    Hi Peeps, I have a question and not sure what the approach of the pro-mixers are. If I have a track (any type - lets say Kick as an example) which I process with Eq, Gate, Basic Compression etc on the inserts. and I also send this to a Parallel Compression Aux track and now want to add FX...
  11. ClarkJaman

    Electric Guitar Tremolo Effects - Analog vs Digital

    Hey everyone, I am interested in hearing your thoughts on analog vs digital tremolo effects, especially on electric guitar. To be clear, I am not talking about what Fender (erroneously) calls "tremolo arms" on guitar, also known as whammy bars, which is actually a vibrato effect. I am talking...
  12. Scottzilla

    What is this effect?

    Hi all. I've been trying to figure out how this vocal effect was achieved for a while now. Does anybody have any ideas? edit: There was a very similar effect used for Dr. Ivanov in the X Files episode "War of the Coprophages", so I'm wondering if it isn't a preset on some '90s effects box...
  13. waveform

    Multi instrument - using multiple effects from one unit

    I have an t.c.M-One XL multi effects unit and I'm wondering if it's possible to utilize a few different effects at the same time using buses in logic though separate program channels via the [="http://en.wikiaudio.org/images/6/66/Logic_Multi_instrument.png"]Multi Instrument[/] object? The...
  14. Tony Carpenter

    tracking with or without effects

    Greetings all, Not sure if this has been discussed much amongst you all. I had a video sent to me from a blog I follow, recording revolution. While I don't agree with everything Graham has said since I followed him, this topic does make me wonder. I know a lot of you, me included come from...
  15. rjuly

    Gig Rig Pro 14 guitar effects switcher - £450 - UK or Europe only (London pick-up)

    - Currently retails for £945.00 with a 12 week waiting period. - Lightly used, perfect working condition. - includes 'Generator' 5A power supply - retails for £99.00 - I will throw in a collection of George L cables and connectors (well over £100 to purchase) - Money back guarantee (but you pay...
  16. K

    Cheap Mixer With Effects - Recommendations?

    Good morning you amazing people! I would love to have some recommendations for a Mixer that is within the $100-200 range. If there is a significantly better Mixer near $300, that's okay too. The amount of inputs/outputs are not my first priority. My first priority is Effects! PS: Something I...
  17. JoshBour

    Proper place to insert guitar effects in DAW

    Hello, sorry if this isn't the right category for my question. I have a track with the dry signal out of recorded guitar and I'm using a virtual amp head with an impulse as a cabinet. My question is what is the proper place to use any effect plugins (reverb, delay etc), as insert or send...
  18. JakeAC5253

    Portable recorder for recording ambience/effects/wind noise? Some foley advice?

    I need a portable recording device for some light foley work where I would need to be outdoors or mobile. Sounds include banging and slamming sounds that would be dangerous to record indoors, ambient sounds like nature, rain, or speech in a social setting, and the sound of wind rushing. The...
  19. A

    Best mic for recording sound effects

    Hello! I'm looking for a microphone best for recording sound effects. What I want to record: - SFX (lighting a match, breaking glass, balloon, etc) - Vehicles (train, car engine, etc) - Nature (birds, thunder, rain) - Foley Environment: - Indoor (different small/medium rooms) - Outdoor...
  20. Q

    Reusing/duplicating effects and inserts across projects in Cubase

    I am using Cubase 4 LE, and would like to put together a "rack" of 5 or 6 effects to then reuse on multiple tracks and in other projects. is there a way of doing this right in Cubase without going to a VST virtual "rack"? Thanks in advance for any help!