electro voice

  1. DonnyThompson

    EV RE20

    I dug out my old ( 1973/74) EV RE20 this past weekend to record a drum kit with; in particular, using the RE on the kick; I guess I'd forgotten how great those old EV's sound on kick drum. It was pretty much "instant tone". I think they're a wonderful ( variable D) dynamic mic to have, and a...
  2. Flyinace1

    Electro Voice Vocal Michrophone

    I have a EV N/D767a microphone that I really love. It sounds great for live vocals but I wanted to know about the N/D367. I work a lot with female vocalists and I have two in my band and I have read that the 367 sounds great for females. I was thinking about buying a couple more vocal mics for...
  3. djmukilteo

    Electro Voice 635A

    Hey all: I was wondering if anyone here has any opinion or background knowledge on this microphone as a recording mic. I was also given a couple of used Shure SM63's. I was just wondering if either of these mics are worth keeping around and what type of application they might be suitable for..