1. audiouserpro1

    Samplitude Eq116 High Freq (High SelF) octav question

    i use eq116 for mastering. there are two types of high shelf mode 6db oct and 12db oct for high self. but the senses are different. Which one do you usually prefer? 6db oct or 12db oct for High Freq Shelf Eq ? (eq116) every music is different ok but, I'm really curious about the overall...
  2. audiouserpro1

    Samplitude/Sequoia EQ116 Best Digital EQ ?

    I use Logic for sound design and MIDI many years but, I use samplitude/sequoia for Mix and Mastering. there is something that caught my attention about Eq quality. eq116 this eq is the cleanest eq I've ever heard. I compared it with many eqs with EQ116. i think The eq116 is the cleanest eq I...
  3. Johnny Blade

    EQ116 Linear Phase - subtle 'PLOC' noise

    Hi there. This problem has haunted me every time I use the 'Linear Phase' mode on the EQ116: a subtle but audible 'PLOC' is added exactly in the beginning of some tracks. When I change to 'Oversampling' or 'Normal' modes, this subtle noise disappears. I know that, according to the manual...
  4. Johnny Blade

    Samplitude - Parametric EQ vs EQ116

    I have a lot of old projects made in Samplitude Pro X, wich has its default Parametric EQ. Whenever I open these old projects in Samplitude Pro X3, the standardized EQ in the objects is still the old Parametric and not the current EQ116. :confused: Is there a way to convert Parametric to...