1. G

    What is the role of Spectrum Analyzer in Mixing

    I have just downloaded GT analyzer. I wanted to know that what is the role of frequency analyzer in audio recording.
  2. pcrecord

    Back to basics - audio recording : Equalizers

    Another video that may help some newcomers. This serie is fun to do and will be a good playlist. My next stop will be compressors Your comments are greatly appreciated !
  3. Jeremy Dean

    EQing Headphones

    Hey all, I was just wondering what y'alls thoughts are on EQing the headphones you use. A friend gave me a pair of beats of few years back and of course we all know the low end is super hyped on them. I haven't tried this before but today while plugging them in to do some casual...
  4. audiokid

    Warm Audio - EQP-WA, Pultec style EQ (sneak peek)

  5. audiokid

    Pultec MEQ-5 vs MEQ-5 SS

    I'm wanting a classic mid range EQ mainly for vocals. Anyone ever have the opportunity to use the Pultec MEQ5 Midrange EQ. There is an SS version but this one has the API gain stage. What do you think the difference is vibe would be...
  6. angel72bg

    Please help-Millennia nseq-4 vs CharterOak PEQ1

    Hi All,can you help me with advise or experience ,the sonic difference between the Millennia NSEQ-4 and CahrterOak PEQ1. The NSEQ-4 is twice in price. I looking for a Mastering EQ. Thank's in advance thumb
  7. J

    Neve VR 60 EQ section Q

    Hi all. It's been quite a while since I was behind a VR - can someone set me straight on the EQ section? IIRC, the freqs (bands) are: 33 - 370 190 - 2k 800 - 8.7k 1.5 - 17 I was hoping that someone who knows better than I can either confirm that, or set me straight. Don't worry about the Q...
  8. audiokid

    Great River EQ-2NV patch loop integration

    [="http://www.greweb.com/eq-2nv.html"]EQ-2NV - Great River Electronics[/] I love Analog EQ's. Nothing Itb sounds quite like the classics. I'm thinking about adding some Great River transformer mojo to my hybrid process. The EQ 2NV is on my radar. Anyone ever try this? Seems brilliant. I'd...
  9. ChrisH

    Approach to Eq

    Hey everyone, Was looking to hear from some seasoned engineers on their approach, tricks, tips on the all important Eq'ing. Things like their opinions on eq do's and donts.. Here are some of the things I've learned, my approach.. Criticism greatly appreciated! 1. Dont try to fix something...
  10. F

    Eq Telefunken Ant W695b price?

    Hi! Any of you have an idea of the approximate price of a pair of Telefunken Ant W695b equalizers racked? Thanks!
  11. audiokid

    A-Designs Audio EM-PEQ Pultec-style equalizer

    Anyone use the A-Designs Audio [="http://adesignsaudio.com/products/em-eq2/"]EM-PEQ[/]? I'm looking to add a Pultec style to my hybrid chain. How quiet is this and what's your opinion?
  12. sshack

    Graphic EQ

    So, a friend of mine says that he has a DBX graphic EQ that he's going to give me. I didn't get the model from him, but I'm not one to really turn down gear...especially free gear. However, I'm not really sure how/where to utilize it once I get it. Anyone have any recommendations for using...
  13. jameslugo

    Anyone using a Cartec EQP-1A?

    Hey guys I'm new here and just was wondering if anyone here uses this eq? Thoughts? Compared to a Pultec? Thanks
  14. Ripeart

    Soliciting outboard EQ recommendation

    Hey folks, so what are people using these days for outboard EQ? I usually like to track pure and EQ in the mix but after a series of recording events last night too boring to explain I think I would like to try inserting a EQ into the input chain. It's my DBX 386 pre that I had in mind. I...
  15. audiokid

    (term) Equalizer

    Hardware device or computer plug-in used to alter the frequency balance of an audio source. An equalizer has the ability to boost or cut specific frequency ranges based around a center frequency and can be used either creatively, to drastically alter a source, or in a corrective manner, such...
  16. audiokid

    (term) Quasi-Parametric

    Refers to a type of equalizer, where control is available over frequency and gain/cut, but not bandwidth. Many mid-frequency EQ's on budget recording consoles have this kind of EQ. (See Parametric Equalizer)
  17. audiokid

    (term) Filter

    A device that is capable of removing or reducing a select band of frequencies within a signal. An electronic circuit designed to attenuate a sound source's energy at a particular frequency. A true filter is always passive, in that it does nothing to add to the signal. However, most filters...
  18. audiokid

    Has anyone heard the Dangerous Music BAX Shelving EQ

    This looks pretty cool. Being coined as the ultimate mix bus eq. Has anyone had the opportunity to hear it?
  19. S

    digital graphic EQ's phase dist.

    i know analog graphic EQ creat phase dist. how digital graphic EQ? i heard, it's too. why? and, how much? (more analog? less?) how about that? (less but bad.....) i wanna great engineer's opinion. it is you! thank you.
  20. A

    sold ward becks, bought neve mic pres but miss parametric?

    ...So any suggestions on a stereo parametric rackmount???? The Ward Becks sounded fantastic and I hated to sell, but that's how I got the Neves....