1. DonnyThompson

    Computer ( PC) cooling fan question

    Hi gang... Yesterday, my computer's cooling fan started kicking into high ever few minutes or so. This is the cooling fan on the bottom of the tower, not the intake fan over the power supply It did this without any warning or symptoms... Is this an internal settings thing, or is this...
  2. D

    Blue Yeti Picking Up Computer Fans

    Hello, I have a Blue Yeti Microphone with a pop filter, a boom arm stand, and it still picks up background noise. I can hear the fans roaring decently in my recordings. Please help!
  3. O

    fan speed control questions for asus p8z68 v-pro gen 3

    I have a coolermaster 690II advance case, noctua nh-d14 cpu cooler, asus p8z68 v-pro gen 3 mobo, and the corsair hx 650w psu. I thought for some reason there was a fan speed control that i could install for the fans but as it turns out there isnt. There is the AI suite with a tool called fan...
  4. Dethwretch

    Correct Direction Of Cooling Fan

    I have some rack mounted gear enclosed in a box, and I am questioning whether the cooling fans are facing the correct way. Currently, they are blowing air inside, towards the equipment. Should they be faced to where they are blowing the air out (exhausting the hot air)? Thanks
  5. audiokid

    Bricasti M7 fan

    How loud is the fan on the Bricasti M7?
  6. mdb

    Ceiling Fans & Feedback

    Can a bank of ceiling fans being turned on or off mid-way through a venue cause a change in the way a room responds to or reflects/absorbs sound waves, thereby causing feedback problems? Someone keeps blaming the fans for the sound troubles occasionally experienced at a church I attend. Is this...
  7. P

    Any Preferred SATA Drives and Fanless Graphics Cards?

    Hello guys, I would like you all to expose your feedback of your favorite hi-performing/low noise Hard Drives, as well as Fanless Graphics Cards, (low Watt consuming and just sufficient for 2XVGA 22" Displays for DAW Software). Thank you!
  8. H

    New video card, more memory, or 2nd case fan?

    I finished assembling my new DAW last night and I have a part I need to return (bought a ball bearing "silent" 80mm fan but ended up buying a case with a 120mm fan already installed). They don't take returns, so I have to exchange. I'm trying to decide what I should do: exchange for a 120mm...
  9. D

    cpu fan noise

    hi every one, i have built a computer system for my recording work i haven't recorded through this because im waiting for my audio interface emu 1820m. intel original motherboard=915 Express processor = p4 lga775 3ghz ht the problem is the processor fan makes a lot of noise , it...
  10. G

    CPU cooler fan speed on Asus A8V deluxe

    Hola! Almost done with my new DAW. Just one more question: My Zalman 7700Cu CPU cooler can do 1000 - 2000 rpm. According to the Zalman website it should be safe to run at 1000rpm for all processors. (From what I've read the AMD 64 run pretty cool any way) BUT: My ASUS mobo will not...
  11. Ben Godin

    quiet fans

    Hey everyone, i'm looking for some better fans for my DAW. I need a "silent" (20db) cpu fan, and 3 case fans (also silent) (2 intake and 1 exhaust). Does anyone have any links to fans that they consider of good quality? Any help will be much great.
  12. B

    shhh... quite down! cpu and case fans....

    i have been looking at fans for my new maxtop server case and am a little concerned. i will line some of the case with noise dampening material and i have space for two 80mm and 1 120 mm fans. i already got a whisper series power supply but am worried if i get stealth fans they will not push...
  13. P

    aw4416 cooling fan

    If any of you out there is using one of these you probably have noticed the loud fan noise that comes with it. I would like to mimize this noise or eliminate it completely if that is even an option. Does anyone know what to do about this?
  14. F

    P4PE and CPU fan control

    hi, i have installed a Zalman flower cooler on 2.4ghz P4PE. as i like (and need) a quiet computer, i've set the fan mate to silent mode but the mobo'hardware monitor doesn't like it and detects an error and windowsXP won't boot up unless i "ignore" (F1). my main DAW (next to it) is happy...
  15. G

    CPU fan question...

    hi OPUS!!! is better to keep the original CPU FAN or i have to change it?...i am thinking to buy a P4 2.4Ghz processor...for the DAW that i intend it to build... what do you think OPUS?
  16. F

    solution for Parhelia noisy fan?

    the Matrox Parhelia fan is a racket compare to my quiet PSU, Zalman CPU fan and hard-drives. has anybody tried to replace it? TIA,
  17. A

    Studio power amps and cooling fans

    Can anyone advise me if they're running a power amp that has a cooling fan but is still very quiet? I'd like a studio amp that can double for live performance once in a while to run some stage monitors. I doubt that any of the fan-less models, such as Hafler, are really up to the task of...
  18. F

    Dell fans

    This is a little off topic in that it does not have to do with using a PC as a DAW. I've got my p4b266 in an Antec Plus1080 case. It has the obvious power supply fan, two fans on the back and one on the door. It is certainly not super quiet, though no more noisier than my old IBM Aptiva 166...