1. J

    One Mic (under $200) for female vocals, acoustic guitar and electric guitar?

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here. I'm looking to purchase a single mic to record female (alto) vocals, and acoustic and clean electric guitar. My guitar amp is a Princeton Reverb. I know that I should probably get two separate mics but I don't have the space or budget for that as I live...
  2. T

    Recording and Mixing Female vocals

    Anyone out there advise the best way to make a hole for Female vocals in a mix with Guitars, and Piano being the other main mid range instruments that will clash. What is the best way of doing this and if cutting on the other instruments, what frequency and by how much.. Cheers
  3. R

    The frequency range of male and female voice

    The frequency range of male and female voice?In a song , what is the general or most common frequency range in which the voice signals lie ? i looked it up on google and all i got was some charts .i need the frequency range which has statistical proof.that could be used for experimental purposes...
  4. B

    Recording Female Opera Help

    Hello everyone, this is my first time here. I recently put together a little home set up in attempt to record my wife's opera so we could do our own tracks for her applications. I have a Blue Baby Bottle and PreSonus Audio box with Studio One 2 program I am very new to recording and am...
  5. R

    Recording female vocals+acoustic guitar, please help!!

    Hello! I'm newbie, looking for some advice in recording female vocals. Could someone please give me couple of tips as how to best record/mix vocal to get nice, rich, "intimate" sound? haha, don't know how to describe it, I mean sth like Norah Jones kind of music, I guess. I have recorded...
  6. JLiRD808

    Recording female voices on a "warm" mic???

    What kind of results can I expect from this? I'm a budget studio owner who only owns one condenser mic, an AT3035. It runs thru a GT Brick preamp, an FMR RNC1773 condenser, and then thru my E-MU 0404 PCI card into Cubase SX3. The mics been great with folk singers, rappers, and low sultry...
  7. D

    Darker smooth mic for female vox <$200

    What mic would you recommend for recording female vocals? I already have a Rode NT-1a which I've found a little harsh, brittle and siblant with certain female vocalists. One mic I'm seriously considering is the MXL V67g. Would this be a good choice?
  8. G

    Stage vocal mic for breathy alto female ?

    I'm looking to get a good stage mic to use for vocals on a alto/tenor-range female vocalist who is just a little breathy... I'm looking to spend <$300. After a little preliminary research, I'm concentrating on..... Shure Beta87 AKG C535EB Beyerdynamic M-88 (might be over $300?)...
  9. S

    A little help on a MIC for a female?

    I want to buy a microphone for my girlfriend whos in a band. Ive read through some of the posts and talked to a few people at some music stores but they make commision so its hard to trust what they have to say. Its for Studio , female vocalist , mix between Evanesence Flyleaf and Sevendust...
  10. VonRocK

    Recording 3 female vocalists live off the floor

    Hi, I've been looking around old posts but can't find much on what I'm facing. I've learned so much from these forums, and you folks are Fabulantastic in sharing your knowledge and opinions. I'm looking at recording a fantastic trio of female vocalists (they are all musicians as well) in...
  11. Q

    Mic suggestions for a female voice

    At the recording studio at my church we have a Gefell MT71S run through a Great River ME-1NV. This combo has proven great for a couple of guys that we have used it for, but we tried it on a female singer last night and it just wasin't that great. Now we did try several distances and gain...
  12. BobRogers

    Better Female Vox sound

    I've been working with live sound for years and am just getting into more "serious" recording. My immediate goals are to improve my sound on female vocals and acoustic guitar. My first order of business is to treat my room, and that is going to take a few months and a big chunk of my current...
  13. M

    Need 5-pin xlr female to 3-pin xlr male

    I just aquired an old AKG D-19 mic and I need a 5-pin xlr female to 3-pin xlr male cable. Anyone know where I can get one of these or have a used one they'd like to sell me? Thanks.
  14. O

    Wiring a female TRS wall jack?

    hey all, I undertook a project a building an elaborate pedalboard which was a lot of fun, and im just about complete. I installed locking female TRS jacks on the board itself, for FX sends returns, guitar ins and outs...so all wiring could be tucked underneath the platform i built. pretty...
  15. JoeH

    Female Vocal Mic, Pt 2

    I'm sure everyone's busy this time of year, but it's been rather dull lately reading the same two or three threads with little news to add... So, here's yet another topic about female vocal mic choices. I've got a project coming up in June that I've been doing a lot of advance research for...
  16. S

    I need a female vocal mic?

    I’m looking for a vocal mic for a metso-soprano singing folk music. I have a Rode NT2 and some AKG 1000s but none of them are giving me the sound I’m looking for. I’m looking for warm and liquid! What do you think of the Electro Voice RE20? Any other suggestions?
  17. B

    mic for very soft female vocal

    At the moment I'm using a Rode NT1000 to record a girl with a very soft voice. Without eq she sounds very boomy and dull. To make her sound better I roll of the bottom and boost around 2k. I'm thinking that I might get better results by buying a mic that fits her better in the first place...
  18. D

    Female Voice needed

    I've been reading this forum for the last 6 months, but have never posted. I was wondering if I can get some help from someone out there. I'm in need of a quick recording of a Female Voice. All I need is someone to record the following 2 phrases in a somewhat slow and sexy voice: "This is a...
  19. A

    Best all around Soundelux for male and female vocals

    Which is most likely to work the vast majority of singers - U99b, E47 or ElUX? THANKS.
  20. S

    Mixing female vocals (rock band)

    Hi guys! I'm new to this forum and quite new to recording and mixing. I've done a few classical recordings and some mixing on entirely electronic music in the past, but now I wanted to give it a try and record my first rock band (all-girls rock band, that is). Since I've never miced and mixed...