1. N

    Some tips on how to smooth out your highs and also how to remove harshness from your filters

    Some tips on how to smooth out your highs and also how to remove harshness from your filters NOTE1: We usually use some plugins that offer crazy to complex shapes, as you know they use distortions, exciters, and compressors under the hood. so we don't have control all we have is 1 to 3knobs...
  2. vonrozen

    filter problem on the Quads 405-2 BBC modified

    Hello everyone ! I have 2 Rogers Ls 5/8 driven in bi-amplification by quads 405 and 405-2. Porblem: one of the filter on the Quad 405-2 is faulty because the tweeter only reproduces very high range and leaves the mid-range out ( this is compared to the other tweeter of the other Quad. I know...
  3. DonnyThompson

    Fabfilter Plug-ins

    I know several members here on RO use them... and I can absolutely see ( hear) why. I had downloaded a trial version of their EQ last year, and I was knocked out by how "clean" it was. I don't know exactly how else to describe it, really, other than it allowed me to EQ tracks without them...
  4. Dr_Willie_OBGYN

    Anything like Steinberg Free Filter?

    IS there a plugin out there that works like like Steinberg's Free Filter? Free Filter would analyze the EQ of a track so that you could apply it to another track.
  5. DonnyThompson

    Experimenting with FFT EQ Filter in Samplitude

    LOL... okay, so let me explain. I've recently been working with, and digging into, the FFT EQ Filter in Samplitude. One of the very cool things about it, is the ability for FFT to "learn" EQ curves... so, if you are working with a vocalist on one session, and they want to come in on another...
  6. P

    Is the Zoom H6 linear enough below 20Hz or is there a HP filter?

    Hi! I'm condidering using the relatively low cost Zoom H6 recorder for low frequency vibration logging. As I understand it the device as Auto rec functionality that I can trim to start the recording when levels are higher than a specified value... that's all good. but... Does anybody know if...
  7. audiokid

    FabFilter Pro-Q 2

    FabFilter Pro-Q 2 impressive. How can anything get any better than this. [=""]View:[/]
  8. M

    Fabfilter 30 day trial try

    Got the Fabfilter 30 day try and like it but noticed something weird today and not sure why due to limited production experience. I was playing with the Multi-band on a drum track and on the analyzer for the multi-band (without any compression) was showing a flat waveform up to 0 DB and then...
  9. P

    real time noise filtering software (with delay torolable)

    hello forum. i have the following problem, and although it's not related to recordings directly, you might be the best to help me... in my car , i use speech recognition to control my pc. the speech understands me pretty well, but there is some noise, both from the cabin, and from my sound...
  10. T

    Vocal 60's 70's narrow filtering

    Hello, guys! Anybody knows of filtering technique of Rock vocals in 60's..70's+? I mean vocals of Beatles, Blondie, Quatro, ZZTop, LedZep, early AC/DC and similar. What types of filters were used: LPF/HPF/.., secret comb filtering, phase related filtering,..? Wikipedia tells that Mr. Martin used...
  11. pan60

    elysia XFILTER 500

    These should be out any day now. having had the good fortune of getting my hands on one a few days before they where announced was great! This is out in the next fews but I will be getting it back as a keeper! I run a rough scratch track through this and was very impressed. Had the guys give...
  12. U

    Vocal Booth? Or is a portable Reflection Filter enough?

    Need some opinions from the pros. Just starting out and trying to decide where to put my mic. Have not tested my room yet to determine where to place. Very low budget so need a area that would work the cheapest. So should I use my small closet (smallest wall surface area to treat)? Or would I...
  13. C

    Realtime Noise Filtering software?

    Ok, I'm not sure where to exactly post this but I figured this is a great site to ask the question. I recently purchased my first microphone (Blue Yeti) and want to find a software solution to do some sort of real time filtering of white noise (particularly computer fans) so I can stream over...
  14. S

    Reflection Filter/Portable Sound Booth

    hey guys.. i'm trying to improve on my recording: as many people have suggested to me that i need to get a better reflection filter/shield, i have narrowed them down to two that i have access to: 1. Soundkitz AE-F...
  15. BobRogers

    Fabfilters new De-esser - Pro-DS

    Fabfilters recently came out with a new desser -Pro-DS. I have their Pro bundle (Compressor, Limters, EQ, Gate) and they are my goto plugins for precision control. (I tend to use the UAD plugins for color.) I am mixing two songs (The Story and Someday Soon) with a new soprano. She's not...
  16. audiokid

    SE Reflexion Filter

    I'm always looking at portable devices. Also looking at the SE Reflexion Filter specifically for using a Royer ribbon which is a figure 8 pattern. I'm thinking this might help absorb the back end of the Royer making it viable way to record vocals with them in less than desirable room. Anyone...
  17. M

    High or low pass filter?

    Hi all, I've just invested in a Rode M3 mic to do some outside acoustic recording job tomorrow with a little band. I apparently have two choices - either high or low pass filters which have different effects in different scenarios! Which should I use based on probably two or three guys...
  18. P

    Phantom power + high pass filter

    hello, couple of quick questions for any good samaritans out there if i have a dual preamp and i turn phantom power on, then insert one mic that requires phantom power and one that doesnt.....will the mic that does not require phantom power have any problems? as in will its signal be overloaded...
  19. 8track

    Soundkitz AE-F Reflection filter?

    I'm dealing with some issues with pretty bad reflections in my recording spot. I'm currently using a walk in closet to get most of my main songs down. The problem is I'm recording in a closet and the second problem is this closet isn't the best for recording in. I did did get some help before...
  20. A

    Do you know typical values for a Band-Pass filter ?

    I need to isolate lows, mediums and highs of an audio file, each on a separate track. (It is intentional to separate these bands from the source) My filter has the following parameters : Bandwidth, center frequency. Been trying some settings but it's just very approximative since I don't...