1. J

    Cannot set up Finalizer

    I have a Finalizer express but don't know how to integrate it into my pulsar soundcard project window. I just can't see where to make the connections in the Pulsar project window. All I know is that the Finalizer must be between the mixer outs and the analog outs. But if I do that in Pulsar...
  2. C

    Mackie 1604 connection to TC Finalizer Plus

    Hi, been out of the music game for around 10 years and i am slowly unpacking my gear in order to start recording again. I have recently acquired a TC finaliser Plus and i am confused to which cables i required to connected this into my setup. I am thinking of hooking this up as follows...
  3. T

    finalizer + sending mastered Cds to manufacturer

    Hi, I have a huge workload, low budget project involving 53 CDs of dialogue. and "incidental' music for kids. I need to get it out quick and the budget isn't high so I am planning to buy a Tc electronics finalizer and do everything myself. I know DYI is not a great idea for music, but for...
  4. S

    Alesis Masterlink & tc electronic Finalizer

    Does any one out there use this gear. Here is my setup. Masterlink to Finalizer via mackie digital 8 bus to motu 2408 to g4 to mbox. I fill confident with recording and mixing but the mastering bit I feel needs some freshing up. On most projects I use presets on the Finalizer. I really like...
  5. M

    ddp + finalizer 96k + masterlink ???

    hello every one . i was wondering is it possible to take a stereo track out of a computer thru motu 828 mk2 to the dbx ddp and thru the finalizer 96k and to the masterlink without it sounding all messed up or getting some kind of digital flanging or will it be ok and sound good ...sorry if its a...
  6. S

    is the t.c. electronics finalizer good for mastering?

    Is the T.C. Electronics Finalizer good for mastering? If not...what are some compressors, eq's,etc...that I could use to master with? Is a La2a good for mastering? :p
  7. V

    Better A/D's ..MOTU 896 or Finalizer 96k ?

    I have the option to A/D with either the MOTU 896 or Finalizer 96k...has anyone tested them and know which sounds better in the end?
  8. V

    Finalizer + L2 = ?

    I got these 2 units for the mastering. Which do you think is the best way to use both of them. I make my mix ready in the Pro Tools and I record again the file in one of my interfaces through the Finalizer + L2 (Hardware). Thanks
  9. A

    tc finalizer plus

    I've just got a tc finalizer plus not the 96khz and i want to use it to clean up my mixes.Has anyone got any ideas of how to use what frequency to use on treble to make it sound cleaner so the mix is ready for the street.or anything else i need to do.
  10. anonymous

    Junger - the German 'super Finalizer'?

    It looks good, I had it on my stuff once, it was OK. Any of you guys had a hand to a unit? It interests me... :)
  11. V

    L2 or Tc Finalizer?

    Which Box is the better one?
  12. M

    How do you rate the T.C. 96K Finalizer?

    Hello all, This is my first time here and I would very much apreciate a little feed back regarding the 96K Finalizer. Firstly, let me say I am a Composer and own my own private studio that is operated just for myself. I have never Mastered before, however my goel is to take all the 2,4 track...
  13. C

    Finalizer, Ultramaximizer, or Masterlink?

    Which will give me the best finalizing tools? TC Finalizer, Waves Ultramaximizer, or Alesis Masterlink?
  14. M

    ...or the Finalizer 96k ?

    audiokid , Angelo, been heavily thinking , so I put the Distressor on my future list . In fact what i need now is a mastering tool , definitely before the end of the year . So the Finalizer 96k costs appr. as much as the GoldBundle , but unless Waves releases the 24 bit version for the C4 &...