fletcher-munson curves

  1. audiokid

    (term) Equal-loudness contour

    An equal-loudness contour is a measure of sound pressure (dB SPL), over the frequency spectrum, for which a listener perceives a constant loudness when presented with pure steady tones. The unit of measurement for loudness levels is the phon, and is arrived at by reference to equal-loudness...
  2. audiokid

    (term) Fletcher-Munson curves

    The Fletcher-Munson curves are one of many sets of equal-loudness contours for the human ear, determined experimentally by Harvey Fletcher and Wilden A. Munson, and reported in a 1933 paper entitled "Loudness, its definition, measurement and calculation" in the Journal of the Acoustic Society of...
  3. N

    Mastering Loudness Help

    hello i am using izotope ozone 7 to master my original songs and am having trouble with the overall loudness or dynamics of the things i master. for example when i listen to my reference tracks and turn up the volume on my headphones or monitors, i have no problem with distortion or have any...
  4. jarjarbinks

    K-System calibration

    Hi Folks. Why is the K system calibrated at 83dB? It feels too high a level to work for hours on end. I went to a professional mixing room today and calibrated the monitors to 83dB according to the Ksystem guidelines: 1. Setup a pink noise generator at -12dB (-12dB, -14dB or -20dB, depending...
  5. R

    K System/K Metering

    Hi, I've been doing some reading on the K System and was curious to know if this system has become industry standard yet (or will in the future?). I really like the concept. I've noticed a few mastering plugins out there are offering K-metering (K12, K14 and K20) features as an alternative to...
  6. S

    low frequency recording

    Hello all, I have an issue I'm not sure how to tackle, so I'm searching for some advice. I need to record for legal documentation a very low-frequency low-amplitude drone that is present in some households. Apparently it is caused by some fans in a warehouse that is located about .25miles...
  7. M


    Remind me what curve I'm following and what exactly I'm adjusting to fix? Thanks~!
  8. D

    infamous loudness

    Hello First of all I have to say that english is not my own lenguage, so please forgive me if some sentences in this thread seems a bit incorrect. My basic DAW is composed of an AMD Athlon 3500 pc ,1 GB ram, an Echo Layla 3G soundcard and a pairs or Event tr8 xl monitors. I work mainly with...
  9. Cucco

    Disillusioned -- piss-poor masters

    Okay, so I haven't really bought too many commercially released pop/rock CDs lately, much less listened to them in a real environment other than my car. So, in an attempt to familiarize myself with a few of the newer artists or some returning favorites, I bought the two following discs this...
  10. Michael Fossenkemper

    Monitoring levels...

    I've been changing my monitoring levels lately and I'm really liking the results. I'm just wondering what others are monitoring at. My trend in the last year has been lowering my level. I don't have a set level per say, it mostly depends on the type of music but in general it's hovering around...
  11. A

    K-Stereo - has anyone tried this unit?

    K-Stereo - has anyone tried this unit? The unit is designed after Bob Katz ideas... looks like he had Z-systems to make the unit.
  12. A

    Setting monitor levels / balance?

    Hi there! I've just purchased my first set of 'real' monitors... the Blue Sky ProDesk set. I want to make sure that I'm getting the 'true balance' between the low and high end on the system... that I'm hearing the actual level of the bass in relation to the highs. I'm wondering if there is...