1. rainsong23

    Acoustic foam placement

    I'm trying to do some sound treatment in the room I'm using for my home studio on little to no budget. I was given a piece of this acoustic foam from a friend that had some left over. It's 2.7 metres by about 1 metre. Anybody who has done acoustic treatment for audio recording have advice in...
  2. M

    Bedroom Podcast Treatment

    Hi, Recently, I am gonna setup a bedroom podcast station for a friend. Size: Long 10ft Wide 6ft Height 8ft What type of acoustic foam should I apply on the wall (Rear and Back) ? Mic Type : Cardiod Condenser Thanks.
  3. Sean G

    Fixing Acoustic Foam Tiles

    I recently replaced the acoustic treatment with some new acoustic tiles in my home soundroom. These are strategically placed such as first points of reflection, etc also four centred on the main oposing wall followed by a line either side along the centre at evenly spaced intervals, also some...
  4. K

    Foam Pop Filter On Condenser Mic's When Recording Vocals?

    Hey everyone. I have a Rode NT1-A, and I'm not a big fan of its pop filter. Now, I've seen the band Queen have a condenser mic, similar to that Rode (in terms of look of the instrument), and they used a pop filter like this on it:
  5. B

    Is this good Acoustic Treatment Foam?

    Guy in area is selling his "high grade, high density professional acoustic foam" He's selling the 2 in. thick 2 ft x 4 ft panels for $12 each. And the 3 in. thick 2 ft x 4 ft panels for $17 each. Here's the manufactures site of the product...
  6. N

    studio foam

    First of all my I have to say Im new to this and my sole objective is to get the best possible quality sound w/ my limited resources. I have a home studio where i use a bedroom about 9' wide and 6' long very small, inside that room I built an even smaller booth with a window about 4' wide and...
  7. J

    Sound Foam

    I have some foam if anyone would be interested. Approxamitly 700 2'x4'x1 7/8" pieces and alot of smaller pieces. There is the link and some info on it. Email me at if you have any questions. Sonex Valueline...
  8. E

    foam or screen filter -- & where ??

    Greetings. I need a pop filter (or two). Two questions. 1) Are there significant sonic differences between foam & screen? 2) If not, I'm inclined towards foam. But prices for the name brand filters are simply outrageous. Can anyone suggest where I might find a reasonable source for...
  9. R

    Concrete + Foam for Vocal Room and control room???

    Hi, Any Cheap way to do the Vocal Room and Control Room Treatement? 12x13 ft (vocal room) , 12x17 ft (control room) Height about 10-12 ft. I got some friends told me to use the Foam which is using in the Roadcase's 2 inch thick.Do you think it's posible to use for Room Treatement...
  10. mdemeyer

    Custom Case Foam

    I recently tried out a company that makes custom foam inserts for cases (Pelican, Hasselblad, etc.). Thought this would be of interest to those on this forum who, like me, are tired of cutting poorly-fitting foam to hold your mics in your road cases. Here's a photo of the first one I had...
  11. J

    using foam corner traps and 703/705 panels freestanding

    Wow, I am new to this forum and never thought foam and panel traps could create so much "excitement". Anyway - I am looking to treat a basement studio (15X40, app. 8 foot drywall ceilings) and feel that the foam corner absorbers offer the best bang for the buck in low frequency absorbtion...
  12. T

    Alternative Foam Mounting Methods?

    Hey All- I'm in a rental 2nd floor apt(in a house) but i've got a decent room to commit to my little post-production/ composition suite-the most i'll have to do live is voiceovers so no worries there, i'm really after a decent mix environment. I've doubled up the walls with drywall and floated...