focusrite isa 430

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    A different sound to complement the Focusrite isa 430 mk II

    Hi guys, I've got a Focusrite ISA 430 MK II, and I need a channel strip with a different kind of sound, so I can get two kind of sounds out of my setup. What do you guys recommend?:cool: I just.... need to know!
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    distortion with an isa 430 mk2

    im working on a full length with a singer who sings very loud. the problem i am having is that i can not find a proper setting on my focusrite isa 430 mk2. he sings with a lot of dynamic changes in his voice. so he will hit a loud part and the isa distorts, then when he sings soft after it you...
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    distortion issues involving isa 430mk 2

    im workin with this singer who singers very loud. there are many dynamic changes in his songs. i use the pre (focusrite isa 430) just for compression because his voice needs no preamp at all supprisingly. the problem is i can not seem to find a setting for his vocals. when he hits the loud notes...
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    millenna stt-1 or focusrite isa 430 or focusrite red 7 ?

    hello, i have a manley gold mic. and i would like to know whats the best pre amp for that mic. i wanna a transparente, clear, open and super big sound. i have the 3D Pre CD Volume 1 , Preamps in Paradise-Preamp Summit DVD-ROM , 3D Mic CD and ADCD Converter CD . :) i kown there...
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    isa 430 vs isa 430 MK2? Anyone know the difference?

    besides the sample rate, and the layout, of course. Any sonic or other performance differences, if i am staying at 96khz and below? Thanks. Anyone have a used 430 for sale?