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  1. Reverend Lucas

    Focusrite ISA 220

    Hi all, I'm debating picking up a Focusrite ISA 220 for $550. The only pre I currently have outside my PreSonus 16.4.2 is a GAP Pre73. There doesn't seem to be much out there regarding this pre, only some bad feedback regarding the converters. That doesn't bother me as I likely wouldn't use...
  2. S

    Behringer X32 or Scarlett 18i20 and a controller?

    Hi I currently own a Scarlett 18i20 and am using my iPad or faders on a Novation SL MKII to control Ableton Live and Logic. I'd love more control over the faders and more general DAW control from my hardware. I've been looking into getting a Behringer X32, hoping this may make my Scarlett 18i20...
  3. doubleJ

    Pre-Amp Levels: M-Audio Omni IO Vs. Focusrite Saffire Pro 14

    I've had an M-Audio Delta 66 w/ Omni IO breakout box for around 10 years. The Omni IO went crap, a couple weeks ago, and I just replaced it with a Focusrite Saffire Pro 14. I did some recording (AudioTechnica AT4033SE), on the new Saffire, and I had to crank the pre-amp up a lot higher than I...
  4. denitronik

    Opinions on the Focusrite Octopre MKII

    I would appreciate your opinion on the Focurite Octopre MKII, mostly the sound quality. I want to add more mic inputs to my setup. I already have a computer interface with optical I/O (MOTU 828 MKII) so I think the Octopre would do the job at the right price. Because it is a newer design, I...
  5. Mateus

    record using my focusrite 2i4 or Yamaha 01v96 mix consol

    I whant to start some bass guitarr and some snare and kick samples, i dont have a studio but i have a fairly large rehearsal room with lots of mics most shure57, my audio interface is a focusrite 2i4 , the rehearsal room have 2 mixing console 1 digital, Yamaha 01v96 and an analogic beringer...
  6. V

    scarlett 2i4 problems

    Hello! I bought a scarlett 2i4, I had install the driver for windows. When I run the guitar rig, the voice come out with a guitarrig voice (what is good), but in the background (when I play), I hear the clean guitar voice too (for example, the sound, when I plugged my guitar and cable in the...
  7. pcrecord

    Mytek and Focusrite World Clock. Sync via spdif vs BNC cable ?

    So I just topped my credit card again, to buy a Mytek ADC 96 My plan is to connect my Focusrite ISA two to the Mytek, then the mytek to my Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56 via spdif. I also have a Octopre which is connected to the saffire 56 via ADAT. I read the Mytek has a good clock so I want it...
  8. pcrecord

    Choice of addon pre via ADAT to a Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56

    Hi Guys, Following my purchase of a Focusrite ISA 2 Preamp unit, I decide to upgrade my 4 m-audio delta cards. I went with the Saffire 56, seemed a good choice with good reviews. The Preamps quality is honest and for the small tests I did, the converter seemed better than the delta cards. So...
  9. R

    Stereo recording with Focusrite ISA 220

    Hi I just added some new gear to my setup. A matched pair of SE Electronics SE1A's and a Focusrite ISA 220. I would like to get a nice acoustic sound recording with matched pair mics, but notice the 220 has only one output. Does anyone have any thoughts on a likely workaround as I would like to...
  10. Zafrius

    Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 USB Audio Interface

    I am stepping up from a Presonus audio box ,but $500.00 is my limit on an interface.I like the usb. And I'm a Windows 7 user,but prefer my XP Pro 64 bit (Black Viper mod)..I am absolutely sick of research.I have researched for a year now and have ran into the O.S. Problem and firewire.I do know...
  11. pcrecord

    Focusrite ISA TWO, Signal calibration with A/D

    Hi there, Got time to make a few tests with my brand new ISA Two. I adjusted my Delta 44 à +4db and tried to calibrate the output of the ISA to match the signal input in my computer without any luck. It seems the signal of the ISA is too for +4db to be equal unless I adjust the audio...
  12. H

    At2035+ Scarlett 2i2 combination not working! help!!

    Hi ! I am newbie to recording equipments. I just bought At2035 and scarlett 2i2 , and I am not able to get them working. I tried scarlett on Dynamic mic, and worked like a charm. But when I tried AT2035, i cant see any led signals. its not even lighting up as green. 1. I am supplying phantom...
  13. sturoc

    Focusrite Pro 40 analog outs ideas ?

    I have a Pro 40 and mainly run over the FW to the DAW and use the monitor outs for my near-fields. What would one use the Pro 40's eight analog line outs for ?
  14. U

    Midi to Scarlett 2i2

    Hi, can anyone tell me if its possible to connect my midi piano through the scarlett 2i2 using a converter 5 pin to 3 pin cable? Would it read the right kind of signal? I need to record piano onto a track but have so much latency through the midi usb connection into the computer, that the piano...
  15. D

    DAV BG1u + WARM WA12 vs Focusrite Liquid Channel and ISA One?

    Hi, What are your thoughts on a DAV BG-1u + WARM WA12 (or upcoming TB12) as a preamp combo vs the Focusrite Liquid Channel and ISA One? These will be used mainly to record vocals and acoustic/elec guitar and bass. The advantage of the Focusrite pres is they have built in A/D conversion...
  16. H

    Mic recommendation for Scarlett 2i2 USB Recording Interface

    Hi all ! I am a newbie in this field. I am buying first gear ever for recording ! I have though of buying Scarlett 2i2 USB Recording Interface which I think fits best in my budget and goes well with WIndow . Now I am looking for best mic within 100$ to go with my interface. My purpose to...
  17. M

    Scarlett 2i2 & Windows 8 problems.

    I am having problems getting the dreaded Windows 8 to recognise my Scarlett 2i2. All the software and up to date drivers all load in successfully, I've tried all the 2 USB ports supplied in my ASUS 501 x laptop. ive tried disabling Realtek sound that comes with Windows 8. Should I remove...
  18. ChrisH

    D.A.V. vs Shinybox vs Sytek Preamps vs Focusrite ISA

    Hello, looking for some opinions on the character "character" comparison between the D.A.V. Broadhurst Gardens No.2, Shinybox Si4, and Sytek MPX-4? What one do you recommend? Will be used mainly for "rock" in conjunction with Daking pre's. Besides the Focusrite ISA pre's, they are all...
  19. T

    Focusrite ISA One and Protools

    Need help with Run the Focusrite ISA One and Advid MBox Pro Via Spdif connection I see there are alot of Well Educated Music Heads In here and could really use some Help with this.
  20. J

    scarlett 2i2 vs rolland quadcapture

    I just bought the scarlett 2i2 and plugged it in for the first time last night. Im not sure how i feel about it so far but i am still trying to figure out if the quad capture is worth the extra money. Windows 7 (64bit) core2quad @ 2.4ghz Sonar x1 I am replacing my PCI audio card, an Echo...