1. J

    tips for reducing USB 2.0 latency? (Windows 7, sonar, scarlett 2i2)

    Windows 7 64-bit Intel core2quad@2.4ghz 4gb ram Cakewalk Sonar x1 (32bit install) Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, USB 2.0 Sonar is reporting latency of between 10-16 ms (round trip i think). around 10 if i reduce the buffer to as low as it goes and it was a bit over 16 to start with. I read about...
  2. S

    hooking up reciever to focusrite pro 40

    i have an IMAC, yamaha reciever and a focusrite pro 40. Goal here is to get sound from imac, to focusrite then to reviever that has a 5.1 system hooked up to it. firwire from imac to focusrite right now.... then fiber optic audio cord from focusrite to yamaha reciever. i have no idea...
  3. B

    Focusrite 2i2 interface latency on Reaper

    I have had my 2i2 audio interface for about a month now and have been getting to grips with some recording (I am using reaper). However I am unable to get rid of the latency. According the the Asio Configuration the input latency is 11.3 ms and the output is 16.3 ms. When I try reducing the...
  4. L

    Piano Connection issue with Focusrite Pro 40

    I need help connecting my Casio CTK-551 piano to my pro 40 interface. I had just connected it and recorded a clip with it and noticed that it took about 1 second for me to hear the note i played after I hit the key. I just try to reconnect the piano so I could tell you the steps i took, but I...
  5. C

    re-amping with Focusrite Saphire 56

    Hi, I'm new here, though not new to recording, but I have run into a problem that I can't seem to find anyone who knows what I am talking about. I want to re-amp a bass guitar. I am using a DOD active DI to split the signal and capture both the mic'd sound and the DI signal into my new (part...
  6. J

    Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 Clock

    Hey guys, i have a Saffire pro 40 and it can clock up to 92Khz on the interface itself and thats the highest. Now, would it be possible to clock it to anything higher by syncing it to a device like an apogee big ben?
  7. studio33

    Focusrite Octopre platinum 8 w/ dyn Sync issues

    I have the octopre as master to the 003 through light pipe. Its all set up right. I know it is! Just replaced the cable also. problem im having is the octopre is very moody as far as the sync. Its locking but then in the middle of my session today the sync went bad. Gave me a big blast of hell...
  8. mrb1946

    Scarlett 8i6 Problems

    I recently purchased a Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 and I've been having some issues with it. I have a late 2007 MacBook and I use Logic 9. Basically what's happening is that it will randomly stop playing sound. Sometimes all I have to do is unplug it and plug it back in and that will fix the problem...
  9. H

    FireWire 800/400 + Focusrite?

    Hello there. I am going to buy a Focusrite Saffire Pro 24DSP interface, which will be working along with Shure SM7B or Shure Beta 58a. Right now I just need to choose which FireWire to use and I have no idea. Is there any difference between FireWire 800 or 400? And most important is 800 for...
  10. A

    My computer specs ok? Focusrite Scarlett vs M-Audio DMP3 preamps

    2 simple questions One: My laptop seems to be doing really well so far but i need to know if i need to upgrade to a differ computer or just MAX the RAM out? The CPU seems to NOT be taking that much of a beating, keeping an eye on the cpu meter. I actually only have 3GB because Windows takes 1GB...
  11. D

    Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 DSP or MOTU Ultralite mkIII?

    Hi I'm looking to get a new interface and the two that offer the features I need are the Saffire Pro 24 DSP and Motu Ultralite mkIII. Does anyone know how the preamps and converters on these interfaces compare?
  12. K

    Vocal Problems with my Neumann TLM 103 with my Focusrite ISA one Pre-amp

    So I attached two different recordings. Both recordings are the same guy, with no mixing added, and are using the same mic/pre amp combination. There is one major difference though. Although the one I have labeled as "bad" it is still clear, but does not mix well .. AT ALL. In fact the vocal...
  13. L

    Official Thread - Focusrite Saffire 24 DSP

    Hey All, New to the forum. First post actually. I ran a search for 'Official Thread Focusrite Saffire 24 DSP' and it returned nothing, so, in the interest of having one place for users to post their comments, questions, issues, etc., I have created this thread. This is particularly...
  14. B

    Focusrite Saffire pro 10 i/o

    Focusrite Saffire pro 10 i/o preamp ? What do you think about the preamp of the Focusrite Saffire pro 10? I already have a [=""]PreSonus[/] Firestudio 26x26 and I want to add 8 more tracks to my homestsudio and I want to know if it's possible to link the 2 together...
  15. Shanesaw

    Help please, setup of Pro Tools 9 with Focusrite Sapphire 56 and Mackie Blackbird

    Hi, I have just setup a new HP computer based on AVIDs "requirements" in conjunction with Pro Tools 9, Focusrite Sapphire 56, and a Mackie Blackbird. All computer settings have been set as Avid recomended on their Windows 7 Optimizations setup. This is the first time using Pro Tools but im...
  16. N

    Focusrite Saffire PRO24 - reviews/opinions?

    Due to the strength of the Australian dollar at the moment I can get a Focusrite Saffire PRO24 for an awesome price. Does anyone reading this use one? Can anyone encourage or discourage me in buying one? Any criticisms or weird incompatibilities anyone knows about. I'd be using it with an intel...
  17. hueseph

    Focusrite releases VRM Box

    Am I the only one that is shocked by this? According to them this is "proven technology". What kind of bunk is that? Who are they kidding? Particularly because of the market they are targeting. Namely the budget home recording market. We know that those people will be listening on their $30...
  18. L

    Mackie onyx 1640i vs focusrite saffire 40pro

    Which one would you choose and why? I would be using it to record drums and maybe a small band.
  19. J

    All Focusrite Saffire line Audio interface users- A question for you.

    All Focusrite Saffire audio interfaces come with a plug in VST package that includes reverb compression, EQ, etc. I am curious to hear from any users as to whether they are respectable in use, and how well they stand up against other such VST plug ins, particularly the reverb.
  20. G

    Experience with focusrite octopre? not MkII

    Im doing some recording this weekend (drums) and I know have a focusrite octopre in my arsenal. What are everyones experience with the octopre? its seems as though there are not many switches or knobs per channel and seems fairly easy to use. Just would like to see what some pro's or home...