1. Jon Hildenstein

    Neumann/Gefell GNM14 mic

    Hi all, My first post here at Nice to meet you! I was given a broken vintage Neumann mic a while back and fixed it recently. It is an M14: a gooseneck mic complete with PS and impedance converter. The sound is heaven, and it's very quiet. I'm hoping anyone out there has some...
  2. Cucco

    Organ Sample - Gefells

    A lot of people have been asking for me (off-list) to post some clips of either the Gefell M296 mics or the recent organ recording which I had mentioned a couple months ago (or in some cases both). it is. This is a short clip of the live Bach organ festival that I recorded a...
  3. T

    Josephson C617 with Gefell MK221 Capsules samples..

    There arent many samples of these floating around so I thought id contribute to the cause. I consider those microphones to be the finest pair in my locker, far surpassing any omni I have ever used. . The capsules were designed to be used in measurement applications, and as such are ruler flat...
  4. 2

    cucco or anyone who has samples: Gefell, Josephine or Beyer.

    cucco or anyone who has samples: I am in the market for a different pair of overhead piano mic's, to use for FIELD RECORDING ie concerts etc.. I record acoustic piano jazz trio's on location. I am looking at Gefell, Josephsons or Beyer. Would any of you have sound samples or recordings...
  5. R

    Gefell M296

    I am thinking of taking the plunge and acquiring a pair of MG M296 omnis. I will use them A-B for choral recording in a church but also hope to experiment with the omni as the mid element in an MS array (MKH30 as figure of 8) for nature recording. Looking for that greater sense of spaciousness...
  6. S

    I'm desperate:( Mics placement in the church (Gefell 270M)

    Dear forum fellows I'm now a happy owner of a pair of the Microtech Gefells M270, but I'm desperately dissappoited in my recording skills while using them. Well, it was my first production when I was recording with omnis, but still I have my ears, but they let me down.... :cry: I did a...
  7. G

    who has a gefell um92.1s ??

    Hello, who has a gefell um92.1s ?? is good ? thanks
  8. _basso_

    Gefell 296S --What do you think about this recording...

    Hi!! I wonder what you experts on recordings and microphones like this recording. In my ear the mic is little to far away This recording is made in lulea Cathedral ------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you listen careful you will here a HD step on it...
  9. _basso_

    Microtech Gefell 296S ---Test--- Piporgan recording

    Hi!!! Here is one piece from the recording in finland with Markus Wargh. But you must pay attention that it's a wooden church. So the acoustics is preety bad. :cry: Sorry for the low compression on the file...But i don't have sufficient space on the web for my files.... What do...
  10. J

    Microtech Gefell M950

    I thought I was more clued in to the mic industry, but I have to admit that I never knew there was a wide cardioid version until today. Anyone here used it yet? BTW I never realised just how small these mics are. They look really cool :lol: Cheers John
  11. J

    Microtech Gefell with M7 capsules v. vintage Neumanns

    Hi all I'm curious to know how the Microtech Gefell mics with the M7 capsule stack up against their revered counterparts from the past. I've rarely come across a reference to the UM92.1. How does this stack up against the M49 and U47? Everybody seems to love the M930/940 with the M9...
  12. S

    Microtech Gefell M200 and M270 against M294/5/6

    Hallo Everybody here seems to be impressed by the Gefell's mics. Especially M296. But does anybody know how do they compare to M270? I'm interested to know the same about M200 and M294/5 I'm courious, what is your experience. Greetings Strad
  13. Cucco

    Review for Gefell M296 posted

    Well, I finally finished it and you can find it here: If you're interested in samples, the Beethoven I reference is the same that I referenced in my earlier post in this forum on my new demos. Enjoy. J. :D
  14. F

    Anybody have experience with the Microtech Gefell M960 mic?

    Title says it... I had it recommended as a good omni, but I've never used one. I looked at the MG website and I see that it has quite the rising frequency response at the top end. Is it as bright as one would expect from such a plot? It also has that familliar directionality from the M50...
  15. B

    K 184 or Gefell M 300

    Trying to decide between a matched pair of these two. I'd appreciate some input. Thanks
  16. S

    wanted-thoughts on Tlm 103, Soundelux U195, Gefell M930

    So this has been covered a bagillian times in these forums, but now i'm in the position of actually having to choose one of these for a multipurpose (mostly vocals) lg diaphram condenser- I'm familiar with the Tlm103 and how it sounds. Some folks seem to like the others more. I know its a...
  17. J

    Microtech Gefell UMT 70S

    I'm very curious about this mic. Over here it is not too expensive -one of the few audio products that is cheaper in Europe. I'm very curious about the M7 capsule that MG uses, especially in this case, as it's a solid-state mic. Any opinions would be much appreciated. I have been considering...
  18. A

    Gefell M300 vs. 295

    Anyone compared both? Any comments. IS the M300 more like a Neumann KM84? If so, is it worth the extra $ for the 295? THANKS, Alan
  19. A

    Best Gefell (others) for Piano

    What are the best Gefell mics for recording grand piano? M930s? 295s? 296s? Or any other suggestions. Room is semi-live with vaulted ceiling. Not too big. Piano is about 7 foot 7" with not too dark, not too bright sound (between Steinway and Kawai). THANKS! P.S. Assume clean mic pres.
  20. J

    Gefell UMT70S vs UM70

    Hi, Reading about the Gefell UM70 and know the guitar sounds on Joan Osbornes Relish LP really well has me wanting to run out and get one, but the model has been updated to the UMT70S. How do the two compare? Thanks, Jules