1. autocombustione

    Your thoughts on these active speakers

    Hello folks! I am about to upgrade the speakers in my studio and I am choosing between the following models, all in the 2.5/3.500 range (in Europe). I am basically looking for a pair of good, as flat as possible, (trustful) active reference speakers and I am still undecided between: a pair of...
  2. vaibhav dewangan

    which is better, genelec m040 or 8030B?

    hello people, i am again in a confusion, for the studio monitors, i havn't listened to any of them, so i needed the true review on the above monitors, my only option is between these two, please tell me if any one heared both. thanx in advance, i need to purchase in couple of days. GENELEC 8030B...
  3. Torsten Borg

    Genelec 1031A

    Hi, I found these speakers in an old studio that is not being used anymore. I got to borrow them and man, i was in heaven listening to music from them. Not sure though if they where the 1031A's or the 1032A's. Anyways, do anyone of you have any guesses of what these costs nowadays, because...
  4. G

    Genelec 1038A 3 Way Studio Monitor Speakers

    I have acquired 5 each Genelec 1038A 3 way monitors in excellent condition. I also managed to pick up a Genelec 1094A Subwoofer in the package. These were replaced in 2004 by the 1038B... not a huge amount of difference between the models. These retailed for close to $9K each... I would...
  5. jfiles

    Genelec 1092a Subwoofer

    Hi - Looking for a used Genelec 1092a Subwoofer in good condition (cosmetically and functionally). If you you've got one, let me know. Thanks! John
  6. A

    Tilt and placement options for Genelec 8020A

    Hi, I have a pair of Genelec 8020A's but I guess I'm using them a little wrong way. Firstly, I was wondering if this is the right of their placement?
  7. Davedog

    Genelec Studio Monitor opinions

    What are your favorite Genelec studio monitors?
  8. audiokid

    Genelec studio monitors opinions

    What's your favorite Genelec studio monitors?
  9. S

    Genelec monitors , is this a good deal

    Hey everyone, I'm new here and had a quick question about some monitors I am able to buy and am wondering if it's a good deal. They were all previously used in a professional studio and I'd rate them a 9.0 - 9.5 out of 10. The list is as follows. 5x Genelec 8020A monitors 2x Genelec 8030A...
  10. G

    Genelec 8250a vs. 1032a

    Hi guys. Just wanted your opinions on which monitors you guys would go with. Been saving for a long time and want to buy monitors that will last me for many years and these two look like good selections for near fields: I am open to...
  11. N

    Genelec input sensitivity

    Trying to go direct from a MOTU Ultralite to my new Genelec 8040As. The Genelecs are crazy sensitive. I have to pull the MOTU master back 30 dB to be comfortable, and that's with the Genelec trims all the way down. I'm sure that if I output full signal I'd be picking driver pieces out of...
  12. J

    Adding sub woofer to my genelec 1030A

    Hey guys...i'm having problem of playing my Genelec 1030A loud cuz of low end whn i crank it up the sub frequencies choke up the speaker...and clients think that my mixes sucks sometimes...they will never realise that its not the loudness thats needed to be heard its the clearity...but u can't...
  13. J

    Yamaha HS80M or Genelec 8030A active monitors?

    Which are considered better? I haven't heard or used either but have the opportunity to buy either pair for roughly the same price, the Genelec's are slightly more expensive.
  14. O

    Genelec 8020a or Alesis M1 Active MK2

    Hi, I am wanting to buy a pair of monitors for use at home in a small recording studio for electronic music, so far ive been using a pair of Alesis M1 Active MK2monitors, but they weren't mine and they had to be returned, now im wondering whether to buy the same pair of alesis monitors or if...
  15. cwalcott

    genelec 8200 series

    i'm considering getting a new monitoring system. i currently work with Hafler TRM-8's - no sub and i'm having a hard time getting the bass right. i can get it but it usually takes me a couple trys before it nail it. i had a chance to check out the 8200 series at AES and they seem like a...
  16. P

    Genelec 1032 vs Genelec 8050

    I'm thinking to upgrade our monitor system in postproduction studio. We work mostly acoustic music - classic, pop. Do you have experience with this monitors? Which pair you can recommend and why? Thanks a lot!
  17. G

    Alternative to GENELEC 8050APM

    Hello, can some one give me good alternatives to GENELEC 8050APM I dont know other good makes and models. thanks a lot
  18. S

    Dynaudio BM15A's vs. Genelec 1032A's

    Looking for opinions here. Same price point range. One any better in translation than the other? Which would you steer towards and why? Thanks
  19. P

    Mackie HR824 vs. Genelec 8040

    Hope Im not starting any beef w/ this topic! Its probably been asked but I didn't find anything on it. So Im askin... Has any1 compared these 2 and Im wanna from a hip-hop point of view, inwhich this is the type of music I produce and mix. I kno ur gonna say..."Go and listen 2 them...
  20. W

    Monitors : Genelec 8050 vs. JBL LSR 28P

    Hello Anybody can tell something about those two systems ? Bob Katz wrote in his book, the JBL LSR are very good and linear. A friend told me the Genelecs are the best. Thank you for answers. Walter