1. audiokid

    (term) Gobo

    Gobo is a slang term used by sound recording engineers to refer to a movable acoustic isolation panel. An acoustics gobo is parallel in use to a photography gobo, which is used to block direct light sources, and also shares its name with the stage lighting gobo. The origin of the term "gobo" is...
  2. audiokid

    Recording Acoustic Guitar Youtube Examples

    Completely different everything however in general, which of these examples do you prefer and why? 1 2
  3. audiokid

    (term) GoBo

    GoBo - A freestanding device used to inhibit the propagation of sound waves. Gobos are usually employed to prevent microphone leakage between two instruments being recorded simultaneously. Typically a set of portable dividers covered with acoustical treatments.
  4. komencanto

    Free-standing gobos, 3" - open back or closed?

    I'm designing some gobo panels, each about 3' x 7', containing 3" of Roxul Safe-n-Sound. I will join them in pairs with hinges. I'm wondering if I should fabric both sides, or put a hardboard backer on the back?
  5. larrytheo

    gobo gluing issue

    I built myself three 4 ft x 6 ft gobos, each made from a framed piece of ¾ inch plywood, a layer of 1/8 inch high-mass vinyl, and three 2x4 batts of acoustical/fire rockwool. Each batt is wrapped first in light tracing paper to keep fibers in, then all the batts are wrapped in theatrical...
  6. audiokid

    Recording Acoustic Guitar and room acoustic

    Somewhere in this is my quote of the day , recording an acoustic guitar in a poorly treated room is like recording it in two bad rooms in one shot. The acoustic guitar body is a room in itself, which is effected by the room it is being playing in.. Care to word it better, be my guest! Its a...