guitar amps

  1. Davedog

    Conrad Velvet Hammer

    I have had the privledge of recording a Velvet Hammer lately as Mr. Sundhy has loaned me this one to dink around with. I gotta tell you thats its a fantastic amp with a LOT of features. Its two channels with switching. There is separate 3-band EQ on each channel as well as Drive and Volume...
  2. Sundhy

    Conrad Vintage 310

    DaveDog played on this new amp by Conrad.
  3. Sundhy

    New Conrad Echelon Amp

    Dave Dog played on my new Echelon amp last night at a local jam. His response was positive. There are some interesting features on this amp and I would be interested in getting feedback from you recording guys indicating how useful these features would be in the studio. There are three...
  4. S

    Spider III Vs. Spider IV, 75 Watts Vs. 120 Watts

    Hey guys, I'm looking into purchasing a guitar amp, specifically for recording. I'm wondering higher watts will have any effect on recording quality. I will be using the record out jack they have on the amp, not micing it. Also, what differences am I going to see between the Spider III and...