guitar processors

  1. J

    Recommended guitar VSTi's

    Supposedly to hear some tell it, there aren't any really good ones. I suspect that is a supposed pile of pretentious poo, but can't say for sure. Anyone used any they would recommend?
  2. audiokid

    OX Amp Top Box from Universal Audio

    Sneak Peak: New OX Amp Top Box from Universal Audio at Summer NAMM Show — OX enables guitarists to get the ultimate studio tone from their tube amps, anywhere, at any volume — SCOTTS VALLEY, CA • July 13, 2017 — Universal Audio is excited to debut the OX Amp Top Box at Summer NAMM 2017. This...
  3. Dale Paterson

    Thin guitar sound when recording

    Hi all. There are so many threads on so many forums on so many websites where this very issue is discussed so I wasn't sure where to start but believe I've chosen the right place to start and ask questions (based on the content of these forums). My problem is related to the recording of...
  4. ClarkJaman

    Electric Guitar Tremolo Effects - Analog vs Digital

    Hey everyone, I am interested in hearing your thoughts on analog vs digital tremolo effects, especially on electric guitar. To be clear, I am not talking about what Fender (erroneously) calls "tremolo arms" on guitar, also known as whammy bars, which is actually a vibrato effect. I am talking...
  5. A


    Hello, I´m about to buy a BOSS ME 80 GUITAR PEDAL, however, I want it to have the next function: I need to be able to switch from one effect to another distant effect without having to press a button a number of times before reaching the desired effect. For example, let´s say I have a pedal...
  6. N

    Recording thick rock/metal rhythm guitars

    Hello all! I am pretty much an amteur recording engineer, I've done some good work in the past with good results but nothing really exstensive so far. Anyhow I am getting ready to record an album with my band and I've been thinking for the past coupšle of months how to do it, especially with...
  7. S

    Recording Chain For This Strat Sound

    Hi, Please have a quick listen to this song from 'CPR' a few years back (it's basically David Crosby and his step-kid). I really like the overall 'sound' of this track. The timbre of the fill guitar off to one side is (to me) truly extraordinary and I'd like...
  8. C

    big fake stereo guitars

    I'm all for miking up a real amplifier, and have put in my fair amount of time experimenting with stereo miking and double tracking to get big stereo guitars. I used some amp sims to add to existing "real" guitars, but passed most of them off as not quite able to stand on their own. I was...