hammond organ

  1. P

    Mics for Pipe Organ (+ others Instruments)

    Hello everybody, I'm relatively new to the recording world... Since years I'm an enthusiast audiophile but I never delve into the recording world. I'm also a professional musician, play both organ (pipe organ and hammond organ) and piano. I'd like to buy a couple of mics to record primarly...
  2. BobRogers

    Hammond organ and Leslie speakers in the studio

    I'm not really planning to get these for my studio in the near future, but they are probably in the long range plan and I'd like to keep myself informed in case opportunity knocks at an unexpected time. (Someone locally had broken up with his girlfriend and was ready to sell his rig. I think...
  3. P

    Hammond session

    I thought it might be useful to post a thread on my last session recording my Hammond/Leslie setup. Because I can't work my analog studio and record myself on my Hammond at the same time I called in a pal of mine who runs his own studio with an Ampex 16 track. He is also a great Hammond player...
  4. E

    Hammond M-3

    I just bought an old M-3 (1960) and I eventually want to hook up a leslie tone cabinent. I don't see anywhere to do that. Is this a modification that needs to be done? I'm not even sure if this is the right place to post this. Thanks for any thoughts.
  5. B

    Hammond B3

    Hey! I'm going to be recording a blues band soon and they want a hammond B3 organ in one of their songs. Are there any good synths that would be worth it? Thanks.
  6. H

    hammond organ recording tips

    hi guys i'm trying to accomplish two more things in my mix. i'm trying to get the hammond organ to become more discernable and have its own little spot, right now it sounds like its super fat and in your face like every other instrument (and every other mix I seem to do.. haha) when i...
  7. B

    Sebatron & Hammond?

    Hi folks... As my name implies, I'm a Hammond organist. I'm looking for a mic pre that sounds good with a Leslie cabinet. I just acquired the best sounding Leslie I've ever had the pleasure of playing thru (a 1950's 21H) and I want to capture the beauty of this cabinet in all it's glory...
  8. sheet

    New B3's released by Hammond/Suzuki

    Anyone gonna rush out and buy a NEW B3 and Leslie?
  9. B

    Hammond XK2 Split For MIDI

    Has anybody successfully used the split keyboard function on an XK2 to output Left keyboard into MIDI and retain Right keyboard as Hammond? I'm the bassist with my band, and want to hook my Alesis synth to the Left output of my XK2, and play standard Hammond with the Right half of the...
  10. anonymous

    B3 vs M3 Hammond Organ

    What's the deal with Hammond Organs in general and the B3 in particular. Why are they revered as they are? What's the difference between the B3 and the M3. If you had an opportunity to pick up either at a good price, would you? Why? I ask because I've been hearing alot about these lately and...
  11. S

    Hammond XK-2 Midi Organ

    Anyone had any experience with these? You'll all probably think I'm nuts for asking this, but it's come down to a matter of space. I've got a B-3 and Leslie 44W in my main room. I've been baby sitting it for a friend and most of the time it sits unused. I absolutely love the sound of a B-3...
  12. T

    Hammond H Series organ value

    My Mom has a MINT condition Hammond H-Series console organ. She doesn't play it anymore so she's lookin' to sell it. This is from 1975! She bought it brand new at a long since closed shop in LaSalle, IL. She used it to practice for weddings, funerals and church services. She was a fill-in when...
  13. E

    ISO The Hammondesque..

    I no I no I no there's no toneweels like real toneweels there's no toneweels I no ...however, there's no room & no money for the real thing. So I am asking for opinions of a couple of MIDI fakes: the new Korg CX3 and the Voce V5. Anyone had much experience w/the CX3 (new model!)??? Would I do...