1. D

    Hardware/External synths users (Please your opinion)

    Hello to everyone! This thread is focused to the users who have Hardware We know we have lot of facilities and nice workflow using HW in many DAWs in the market, like Cubase, Logic, Protools, Ableton and so on. So my questions for you; (to the external synths users) is; *Did you try...
  2. A

    Hardware vs Software plugins

    Hey all, it's been a while since I posted anything but rest assured I've been lurking, stalking everyone's posts as they get sent to my g-reader. :tongue: I am still trying to figure out what setup I am going to want for my studio, and I've started buying some things already. I didn't think I...
  3. M

    Hardware Recorders Vs. Computer DAW

    I've been looking around for alternatives to audio interfaces recently... and with the help of a few mentionable cats here i ran into a few of the tascam hardware recorders... such as... [="http://tascam.com/product/hs-8/"]Product: HS-8 | TASCAM[/] How do you all feel about this route? Maybe a...
  4. audiokid

    Pro Audio Hardware is like?

    a quality set of wrenches needed for restoring a vintage car. smoke
  5. audiokid

    The Great Divide - plug-ins vs hardware

    I have a feeling things are about to change. Its too expensive to produce high end hardware at these prices during our recession if its not selling. And the stuff that is selling is the second hand gear by the thousands of wankers on ebay. So where does this leave the manufacturers and boutique...
  6. B

    Hardware inserts question

    i am wiring up my studio right now and i have a problem that nobody has been able to solve for me. i have a pro vla II compressor, a dbx 31 band eq, a lexicon mx300 fx unit and a tc electronic finalizer that i would like to run as hardware inserts and i have not been able to find a piece of...
  7. B

    Choosing the right Preamp/Multi-track recording hardware? HELP

    Hi.. Ive been recording vocals/guitar/keyboard and a bit of drums for almost 2 years now, but I use a soundcraft board which runs through the "Line in" audio on my computer. My issue is when I record multiple tracks at the same time they have to be PERFECT in equalization because they all record...
  8. P

    Best interface (hardware) with MIDI

    I have a Roland VDrums and I want to use MIDI to track my drums. Based on actual experience, what interface (hardware) can you recommend that have the least latency. I'm a Logic 8 user.
  9. J

    Entry-Level Hardware

    Hi guys. First post here. While I have little real-world experience, the world of audio recording has always fascinated me. Well, the opportunity for me to test out my knowledge has come around. A friend's band (genre: ska punk) wants me to do their recording. I would like to know where to...
  10. mdb

    Plug-ins VS Hardware

    In this day and age, is it better to invest in DAW plug-ins or in rack gear? I was browsing the Sonnox site and they are so expensive. My problem is that I know that the plug-ins will eventually become obsolete, require upgrading etc. Is it a better long term investment to get external gear? Is...
  11. H

    Using hardware Reverb! Help PLS!

    A few months ago I purchased a Lexicon reverb unit. It's sound is exactly what I want in reverb, it's perfect for my music. The problem is that my mixing environment is digital ("in the box"), and I can't apply the Lexicon reverb to every intrument the way I do inside Cubase. In Cubase I simply...
  12. J

    Wireless hardware for my PC

    Hey everyone. I'm look for a means of capturing a single voice from an individual who uses a wireld headset mic. The frequency range is somewhere between the 700 -900 Mhz range. not sure of the mic brand but the receiver is a shure so you get the idea of what is transmitting. What I would...
  13. L

    [HELP] Best PC Hardware

    Hi, I would like to get as much info as possible regarding the hardware i should get to set up a PC that could run PT 8 and the upcoming PT 9 under Win7 without as much issues as possible... Talking about a M-Box 2 user Thank you in advance for any suggestions and or advises Lemec
  14. hueseph

    Pro Tools 9 Release from Hardware Dependancy- At long LONG LAST!

    If you are a home recording enthusiast or even a professional recording engineer, this news is for you. HELL HAS FROZEN OVER! YES! LED ZEPPELIN ARE NOW BACK TOGETHER AND ARE ASKING ONE OF YOU TO RECORD THEIR NEXT ALBUM!! That and ProTools is now available for any Core Audio or ASIO compatible...
  15. H

    Noob: Recording Hardware Synth

    Hello. I have Nord Lead X2 and Fireface800. Only problem is, i'm a total noob. Till now i just conected NL outputs to FF inputs and record. But on one other forum they told me im doing it wrong. Like i need DI box and stuff like that... So yeah, how to record? What input level to choose? +4...
  16. H

    Record guitar with hardware delay or add software delay ?

    its a simple question =) Is it better to record guitars with hardware delay like Boss Giga-delay or add software delay after the recording is done. ... Thanks in advance
  17. sturoc

    Hardware comp vs software comp?

    SO what are the Pros and Cons on using hardware vs software processors and f/x ?
  18. BobRogers

    Snare stands and general drum hardware thread

    My wife wants another snare stand to practice with. It's not like this is a moving part or anything, so I may just go with something relatively cheap. But I hate cheap hardware, so I thought I would fish for comments on a good snare stand. Throw in other comments about who makes the best...
  19. C

    A hardware multitrack recorder with some sequencing functionality?

    This is something I am looking for currently. A multitrack recorder with digital I/O and a sequencer to do production with. It needs to be able to record and replay via a multitrack digital interface such as USB or FireWire or eSATA. It also needs to have some type of control signal system...
  20. Z

    innovative hardware abuse

    Hi guys, I'm interested in pioneering techniques used in audio mixing for the last two decades. I'm especially interested in innovative techniques where hardware abuse and over the top techniques are used. - Extreme autotuning; - Gated drums; - Wall of sound; - beat synced LFO's controlling...