1. sshack

    Thinking about reverbs now...hardware that is. Soliciting advice please.

    So, I've been using ITB verbs for a while now and haven't been unhappy, but I decided to hook up my old LXP-1 for grins and giggles the other day and thought the difference was pretty drastic. Naturally, it got me thinking about purchasing a good 'all around' reverb unit so I thought I would...
  2. fineartdigital

    Newbie, wtih hardware recording help

    I am not using a computer to do/learn voice recording. I have an AT 2020 Mic and shock mount. Sterling PF1 pop filter. A mackie 402-vlz3 mixer and a Marantz PMD661 recorder. I can edit the result in soundbooth cs4 , but I am trying to get the initial setup as good as possible. I...
  3. audiokid

    2010 PRO AUDIO - are plug-ins getting close to pro hardware?

    Seriously, no wanker opinions on this one. Some personal insight and discussion on high end DAW's and DAW plug-ins My opinion - 10 years ago I sold my Fostex d 16 (which sounded really good) and moved into DAW world ( I should have just bought top quality hardware pre's, mics and...
  4. audiokid

    plugins or hardware

    I'm curious to see the results and to read any opinions on this topic a year from now. Are you more inclined to buy hardware or plugins now? I'm inclined no predict a huge percentage of pro audio manufacturers that still make hardware, go out of business in the next few years. The only...
  5. K

    Budget Hardware Question

    What it the best Mic and Preamp I can buy that can get the job done when it comes to vocals? My friend is really interested in rapping and having clean vocals are very important. The problem is my budget is $200 total. I would really like to hear these items in action.
  6. G

    Live panel discussion recording... hardware recomendation?

    I will be regularly recording a panel discussion of 4 to 6 people (TV news panel style, but audio only). It will be a discussion / study group. The people discussing will probably all have laptops that they are actively using, and some will have books / papers / notebooks etc actively being...
  7. T

    recording with hardware compressor

    Hi All, I had a request by a friend who I will be recording that we record his vocals with a hardware compressor in line before the signal gets sent to the DAW. I'm not exactly sure what the advantage of doing this would be other than his monitor mix would have compression? Please stop me...
  8. M

    Hardware Compression, EQ and effects question... n00b

    Hi! I recently got into recording and I use a presonus firepod connected with Cubase in my computer. I was thinking of getting a little hardware compressor , reverb or eq and I want to know how I connect it to apply this new effect into already recorded tracks? Thanks to help me out !
  9. P

    How can I connect my hardware compressor to Pro Tools 003

    Hi i am running pro tools 003. i am having problems connecting hardware to use whilst mixing down tracks ie compressor! i have managed to get a signal to the compressor but i am not to sure how get it back and the best way to utilize it Thanks James
  10. S

    iMac DAW software/hardware questions - Newbie

    I have an 24" iMac 2.8 core duo w/ 500 gig internal hard drive, 4gig's RAM and I currently have a presonus FireBox with some very old Cubase LE software that came with it - I never installed on the iMac yet(used on my PC for a few years now). I have been asked to start recording local bands -...
  11. D

    Interface Compatibility and Hardware Recognition

    I have a MOTU Traveler and just recently got Pro Tools LE 7.4 for my Mac OS X 5.2. Something is wrong and it isn't working right. With the Motu came Audiodesk as well, but neither ProTools LE or Audio Desk are recognizing the hardware even after downloading new drivers. Is ProTools only...
  12. E

    Pre-amp (Focusrite TT Plat) problem with hardware, HELP!

    So, I'm guessing this is the right place to post this. It isn't a "Pro-audio" piece of equipment. If I'm wrong please move this topic. I bought a Focusrite Twintrack Platinum off of craigslist a little while ago and I tested it out and everything seemed to be in working order. I have...
  13. M

    Wiring up hardware: EQ, Compressor & 4 Preamps

    I record my Midi performances on my Yamaha Motif ES into a Sweetwater Creation Station DAW. I record with Sonar using an Edirol FA-66 soundcard (audio interface), and running Receptor with the Komplete libraries (which utilize Kontakt as a plug-in soft synth within Sonar). I'm lucky enough to...
  14. T

    Extremely confused on what soft/hardware to use..please help

    I have some experience recording onto my 16 track Fostex VF 160 EX, and mixing and mastering using Adobe Audition, but aside from that am inexperienced with digital recording. I just ordered a Roland GR 33 guitar synthesizer system, to use with my synth access guitar, and want to use this to...
  15. R

    Hardware Plug-in Player ?

    Hi to everyone, This is my first thread and it is my first night in the forum... I need your help. I saw a hardware plug-in player ad in a magazine or in HC's main page couple of weeks ago. I belive its up coming or just released. Its not Muse Reaserch's Receptor. Its something...
  16. T

    Hardware buffer increase and decrease in pro tools??

    I'm using a new macbook pro running windows vista. Pro Tools 7.4. I'm using a Maxtor 500GB external hard drive to write to. Regardless of what I'm doing, whether it be playback or recording, I get errors either saying to increase or decrease buffer size. I believe they are -6085 and -6088...
  17. M

    Gotta get rid of my hardware and mics=( story inside

    So all of my gear, just about all of it anyway, belongs to my guitarist from my old band, my namesake, anyway he bought the Firepod to record the album, and then we used mostof his mic's and stands (i've acquired quite a few more than he brought so i can live without them) we did that and then...
  18. V

    recording software/hardware issue

    I'm not sure if this is the right section but... I bought an Alesis multimix 16 USB 2.0 and i'm using Adobe audition 3 to do multitrack recording. It works fine as far as setting the hardware and choosing what mics go to which audio tracks. The problem I'm having is listening to the recording...
  19. E

    Studio Hardware Upgrade Suggestions?

    Home Studio Hardware Upgrades? It’s a new year & time to plan ahead for tax purposes. I’m getting a decent sound but I need to step up to a more commercial grade quality. I’m running... Neumann KM-184 mics. Avalon 737 pre-amps. DIGI 002 (with Pro Tools 7.1). Waves Platinum Bundle...
  20. E

    Hardware VS Software

    Hi. I'm near completion of remodeling my basement studio and my mindset is turning more towards what kind of gear I want to end up with at this point rather than what drapes to pick out. I've already had Auralex do the room analysis thing and the treatment will be in soon. I will have a Tascam...