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    L2 - Hardware VS Software

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    taking my diapers off, buying audio hardware

    the quick and dirty: i bought my computer system, amd athlon xp 1600 on an abit kr7a-raid motherboard. the other day i went to find a good audio hardware package to get to the recording part and ended up choosing the motu 2408 mkii. i'm sure a lot of other people already know this but...
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    Protools LE without hardware

    Does anyone know of a way to run Protools LE on a Ti Powerbook or iBook without having any Digi hardware present? I would like to be able to work on files (edit, mix) while away from my main setup. I suppose the new Mbox will allow you to do just that. However, it won't be available for awhile...
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    Rock drum 2-mix comp - hardware or software?

    The best plug comp I have is the Ren Comp, but it sounds to loose. I want something that's going to really make the drums pop. Is there a good plug (rtas) for this, or is hardware the only way to do it well...if so, which box?
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    Hardware vs. Software Round ! ....Ding!

    Hey. As i look through my most recent catalogue of equipment in this magazine i can't help but notice the various types of hardware such as equilizers, crossovers,filters, effects, reverbs, and enhancers. What the hell? Is this hardware necessary? I'm sure it is but how much better will the...
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    Upgrade time , Native System or Hardware ?

    I am looking at uprading my current DAW setup but there are so many factors to consider since the technology is changing so fast . I am currently running : MAC 9500/G3 40 OS 8.6 Pro Tools 5.0 Pro Tools III Hardware ( 32 Track ) (5) DSP Farms (4) 882 I/0 Miro DC30+ This has been a rock...
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    DAW user/hardware profiles

    So I was asked to bring my Delta 1010 based DAW to record a matrix mix of a show this weekend (stereo soundboard +stereo mics) I'll only need 4 inputs, I plan on using Vegas 2.0 to do the recording as I've had great success with this program, but I'm antsy as in my studio my DAW is hooked up to...
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    More Hardware recommendations... :)

    Ok, another question. At present, I am considering a P4-based DAW with an Echo Layla and Nuendo. Someone recommended I go with an RME card, preferrably with an ADAT converter. I am curious to know what that is/does, and, if the Layla is lacking in some way, what other cards could/should...
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    investement for the income challenged / hardware vs a/d

    anyone ever go through the own personal debate of the investment quality of gear you purchase? For example, some people who make enough income can afford to own pieces of gear that will be worth 25% of the purchase cost in 5 years - where as some of us cannot. For this reason I own more...
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    Halion or Hardware?

    Does anyone know about Halion. I'm thinking of purchasing it. I currently use the ASR-X for sampling. What advantages/disadvantages are there in a software sampler?
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    What is the best PC DAW hardware???

    Hello. I want to use Steinberger-NUENDO DAW software and I want to know what is the best PC Hardware with multiprocessors (2 to 4 Pentiun III)under Windows 2000 to use with it? I intend to use more than 72 track and lots ofplug-ins, inclusiv surround Dolkby and DTS encoding. Best regards...