hip hop

  1. Brxdsky

    mix critique First Post: New Audio Engineer

    This is my first post on the forums. Please excuse any mistakes I make. I am 19 a second year college student, pursuing my bachelors degree in Audio Engineering and a Live Sound Certification. As of May 2020, I began doing freelance mixing, with rates going for $10 per song. I figured since I'm...
  2. Student

    How do I make this Trap rising / falling synth effect sound?

    It's heard in some trap songs. I've heard young chop was the one to first design it, but I'm really not sure on that. I haven't been finding much information on it. I'm wanting to nearly exactly replicate it. Though, I'm not concerned about the water bubble noises, just the synth(s). If anybody...
  3. Brother Junk

    Hip Hop song

    Warning: This song would be labeled explicit lyrics. However it's being made for radio (eventually maybe lol) so, it's not chock full of it. He basically uses the N word a few times, but he is black, I feel like that makes a big difference lol. And I'm not in the habit of telling anyone what...
  4. ChrisH

    Processing Acoustic drums into Hiphop drums

    I'm tracking an ep currently that is a trip-hop, rock, jazz group. Spent allot of time at the mic and drums getting the sound as close as possible to what we want, now it's time to emphasize that. The drums sound i'm after for most of the songs is along the lines of the drums you can hear in...
  5. N

    Best Vocal Microphone Under $120

    I will be singing (R&B, Reggae, even doing acoustics) and rapping (Hip Hop and Rap). Not exactly sure what you would consider my voice to be like, but I assume, deep/low when rapping and higher when singing. I'm just starting out so hopefully you guys can give me some advice on what mic I should...
  6. A

    Software for hip hop and Acoustic Guitar

    Hi Everyone, I was planning on buying a Akai MPD26 MIDI Controller and wanted to incorporate hip hop beats on top of my guitar rhythm that I record. What would be the best software that will allow me to have a diverse amount of hip hop sounds, but also allow me to record like I would normally...
  7. C

    Need someone with experience in using DAWs to make Hiphop instrumentals/beats.

    I need someone who has considerable experience in using Cubase or FL Studio to work with on some projects. Thanks!
  8. T

    Any Experienced Hip Hop Producers Have Any advise on Making Drum Break Downs???

    I am working on hip hop beat for a couple days now i have been trying to base my drums around kanye west devil in a new dress for example he has this drum break down with the tom toms and crashes i would like to replicate it. if u guys have any pointers about how to place my drums on wat bpm...
  9. L

    Old School Hip Hop Vocals?(90's)

    I'm about to get started in recording songs but I need to know what equipment to get to get that 90's type of vocal sound. I have 300$ to buy either a a mixer or mic preamp or whatever I should get to at least get me started. I plan to also buy a Stellar CM5. Something like...
  10. AKR

    Please recommend a mic for rapping/singing (hip hop/dance/rock) - under $400 used/new

    I can give you about 5 examples of my vocal style/range, which pretty much summarizes it all. Building Castles's Profile - Indaba Music Most of it isn't really hip hop from these particular examples, but in my music, I do a fair amount of rapping and I sing in every song. Black Holes would...
  11. S

    Hip Hop Vocal Compressor Recommendations

    Hey Guys, I primarily record hip hop. Since starting to record I've always been using the stock Logic Pro 9 compressor for vocal compression. I've been thinking about potentially purchasing a hardware compressor and based on my research thus far it's seemingly coming down to a dbx 160A or a...
  12. N

    Indie hip hop vocals

    any tips to get a nice indie hip hop sound on vocals. (distoriton or overdrive?)
  13. S

    Which DAW is best for hip hop type music??(beginner question

    ^^^^^^^^^ Thanks ahead of time
  14. P

    effect commonly used in hip hop on vocals..?

    I'm trying to figure out what it's called, and how it's achieved, but it's hard to describe or give an example as I dont usually listen to this style of music but I may be able to find one if all else fails. It's usually used in rap and hip hop on vocals and it makes them sound all de-tuned...
  15. J

    Hip Hop vocals on the cheap

    So I'm brand new to recording and I don't have much recording stuff yet. Since I'm the kind of person who likes to know what they're going to do in advance I've spent several hours yesterday researching my options. That plus I'd like to make the switch to free software for reasons of price and...
  16. W

    Need advice on a mic for Rap/Hip Hop

    Hey guys, I've just purchased some software to get prepared for my recordings and now I'm looking to find a good mic. I've always recorded rap/hip hop music and my friends tell me my lyrics are very good but that my cheap mic makes the tracks too ugly. I was hoping I could get some...
  17. M

    $1000 hip hop mic and mic pre?

    Hi all, I am about to buy a new mic. Is for recording vocals (Hiphop/Rap/RnB). SM7B / RODE K2 and the preamp is RNP.. dont have the money to buy about 1000dollar.. Any suggestions?
  18. E

    Any hip hop settings for Waves Diamond Bundle

    I Have The Waves Diamond Bundle and I was wondering if anyone had any good suggestions for good hip hop settings on the following Plugins ( For Hip Hop and R&B Vocals) The Plugins are the Rcomp and R Comp Mono, The De-esser and The Doubler and Doubler Mono.... I'm Trying To Get a Clean sounding...
  19. mobilelab

    hip hop mixing

    For the past few months I've been mixing hip hop for some friends of mine. i have experience mostly with rock so i referenced quite a few brand new, mainstream hip-hop albums. This is where my questions lie: 1. It seems as though almost all( if not all ) of the instrumentation/vocals are panned...
  20. S

    hot to get that vocal sound of today hiphop.

    yo all.i am new here and i am comming with a problem. i downloaded a lot of akapellas and i noticed that ALL vocals are distorted in the hifieldfreq.i said i need a tube preamp since i have a Neumann u87ai and akg solidtube i said that the preamp is actually bad.i bought SPL GAINSTATION 1 a...