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    Binaural/Holophonic Recording

    I'm doing a research project into binaural and holophonic recording for my final year project. i have a set on in ear binaural microphones (SP TFD 2 mic binaural set) and did a preliminary recording earlier where i just placed the mic's inside my ears and recorded then played back the...
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    Holophonic Recording

    I am very interested in holophonic recording and have a small insight into how it is done. What i am wondering is how it is mixed?? I know that it has to do with frequency response but would love to know more about it. Could anyone shed some light on this or put me into the right direction of a...
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    Equipment for Holophonic Recordings?

    I was hoping someone might be able to shed a bit of light on the world of holophonics for me. I've searched and searched but the only information I get are the basics. Nothing about the required equipment to both record as well as produce the interference signal to make holophonic recording...