1. Press

    Millennia Media dual-channel HV-32P, Portable Series Preamps.

    Press submitted a new resource: [="http://recording.org/resources/millennia-media-dual-channel-hv-32p-portable-series-preamps.352/"]Millennia Media dual-channel HV-32P, Portable Series Preamps.[/] - HV-32P, Portable Series Preamps...
  2. audiokid

    Millennia HV-3R

    Ah, you got to love this beast. I need the Millennia HV-3 for truth projects - plain and simple. I have the M-2b and this is so big and beautiful, who needs s e x . I need the other half of the stellar combo to be at peace with my wife now. She keeps hearing me howl Millennia at night and...
  3. T

    millennia hv-3c

    hello to all, i own the Millennia hv-3c mic preamplifier and i would like to record through it basic instruments like keyboards,bass,guitars.. does maybe anyone has an idea of a good quality of di with its own power supply that could do that?Is the u5 of ad a good solution? thank u in...
  4. J

    Millennia HV-3D-4 or Vintech 473??

    Can you tell me the differences between this two pres? I've read much about Vintech but not about Millennia....can someone help me? thank you!
  5. O

    Is it possible to battery power a HV3B?

    Hi all, Do you know if is it possible to battery power a Millennia HV3B pre, and how ? (power requeriments: 115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, Power consumption 10 W ) Does anyone experienced that ? Oak
  6. T

    Pendulum MDP-1 and Millennia HV-3 Preamps

    I recently asked a question about the Buzz MA 2.2 and Millennia HV-3 for recording of acoustic based music (with vocals) on another forum. From my limited experience, which is essentially with Lynn Funston's Pre CD, I found the Buzz to be warmer/less open than the HV-3. I like the clearer more...