1. audiokid

    Intel Devil’s Canyon Core i7-4790K and Core i5-4690K Processors
  2. M

    INTEL I5 (ivybridge) vs AMD FX 8320

    Intel Core i5 3470 - 3.2GHz - 1MB L2 - 6MB L3 or the AMD FX-8320 - 3.5GHz - 8MB L2 - 8MB L3 Which would you guys recomend for an audio PC. Obviously this is not a professional build. Its for my home PC, but I would like to run as plug ins as possible. Plus midi. I will of course be using...
  3. audiokid

    Apple's Future Plans May Necessitate A Switch From Intel To ARM Chips

    Interesting article: http://seekingalpha....el-to-arm-chips
  4. S

    AMD vs INTEL

    I am beginning to build a rig that will be dedicated to being used in our slowly growing home studio. At the moment we are using FL Studios 10 on my everyday custom rig I built a few years ago. It has served us well the past few months but has developed problems. So hear I am researching to try...
  5. A

    Intel t6600 to a Q9100 or up?

    I have laptop with the T6600 in it. The CPU's are swap able. Considering the FSB and CPU watts are different, can i swap these out? I do know i may have to change things in the BIOS. ( If the HP allows me to change things.) If i am not able to, can i at least change over to a T9500 with same...
  6. G

    Intel Core i3-2100 CPU ok for audio production?

    I am currently in the works of building a custom PC to be used mainly for audio recording purposes (ill use Cubase, Pro Tools, etc. ) and also will be used a bit for gaming and also for watching HD/Blu ray movies. I just wanted to hear your opinion on this processor for these purposes and if...
  7. R

    Which 2009 processor brand is better and why? AMD or INTEL?

    Hi. I'm looking at putting together a Windows box. I've heard a rumor that VST's actually *LIKE* AMD processors. Is this true? If I were using VST's, would building an AMD box be a good start? What are other advantages or disadvantages one would consider when constructing a new...
  8. R

    buying gear,need advice intelquad Q9650 3ghz mackie onyx1620

    hi, i've read a lot of posts, but i think posting my thoughts will help me get the answers i'm looking for. thanks in advance for all of your help. i'm buying a new PC to use with a Mackie Onyx 1620 24bit 96k i need to avoid latency. i need advice on motherboards. i've heard an...
  9. A

    Macs! intel vs IBM

    so ive been looking for a mac for quite some time and now that i have money want to get one. So what im asking is their any disadvantage to getting an older g5 with the ibm processor? and if so would the 20" imac (Intel) with 1 gig ram and the 2.16ghz work well? Im running firepod and cubase 4...
  10. F

    Cubase LE with new Duo Core Intel Macs?

    I'm planning to get a new imac 20 and a Firepod, I know the Firepod has intelmac drivers available, does anyone know if the bundled Cubase LE software will work on the new macs? I've been looking here but no answer so far. Cheers
  11. M

    thanks re: AMD or Intel

    Hi all....thanks so much for all the Input, suggestions and information. It's been a great help. Here's the master plan. Please feel frr to poke holes in it. I have a Korg Triton Pro and I plan to buy some software which will give this keyboard the ability to perform the same as the Korg...
  12. M

    AMD or Intel

    Hi....will ALL current programmes run properly on the new 64 bit AMD/Intel processors, providing I use the current 32 bit Operating System....IOW...are the new chips 100% backward compatible? Also....I've read that top end audio programmes are written around the Intel there...
  13. Michael Fossenkemper

    Intel Macs

    If anyone has one of these and has installed windows XP on it, let us know how everything is working. I'm particularly in running audio programs under windows with interfaces. This could open up a whole new world.
  14. A

    intel mac

    hello everyone i bought the new intel mac and i bought the multi-mix8firewire for the interface, only that mult-mix has not put out a driver to support intel mac and they told me it might still be a while till they do. I was just wondering if there is something else i can use thats a...
  15. H

    2 ghz intel core duo vs 3 ghz pentium 4 ht

    i'm about to purchase a laptop for running audition 2.0 with a presonus firepod, and have these processor options (1 gb memory, 80 gb hard drive)... intel core duo 2 ghz or intel pentium 4 w/ht 3 ghz i've heard good reviews of the dual core processors in the home pc setting...
  16. T

    new intel iMac compatibility with ptools

    I know the new intel imacs are not currently compatibility as it states on digidesigns site. I am wondering if I should buy this new imac with the possiblility that it will be compatible shortly. I only do basic recording and mixing but I don't want to give it up. What do you all think? Will...
  17. O

    the new intel mac/digi lowdown

    does anyone know when digi is planning on getting around to updating PT for the new intel macs? digi's site is pretty mum about it, but it's kinda a requirement for me before i upgrade and i want to plan out when that might be. thanks!
  18. S

    NEW Macbook pro is here!!! Powerbook with Intel chips.....

    It looks like this has 2 processors and that makes it 4 times faster than the newest Powerbook 1.67!! Did I make a mistake in buying a Powerbook 1.67 recently?
  19. M

    Intel Macs out today iMac dual core MacBook Pro, dual core (PowerBook replacement)
  20. S

    Is the cost going to go down for a powerbook with Intel chip

    Would Intel chips reduce the price of Macs? If yes, by how much? Does anybody have an idea? Also, is the Apple care plan ($350 or so) worth it especially since there's all these boards to help you out in case of problems?